Twilight in America

I normally despise apocalyptic predictions, and for good reason.  Every turn of the plow brings dire media warnings of a planet dying at the hand of man.  Every hot summer day ushers in predictions of a scorched earth.  Every new convenience is labeled as a threat to our health.  None of these bear scrutiny, and all share a common theme: human beings are a menace.

We are watching the implosion of America.  As twilight descends upon us, we are witness to the wholesale abandonment of a set of values that brought humanity from wallowing in the mud to dancing in the sunshine.  Reason, coupled with the freedom to apply it, has given us health, wealth, and prosperity that no monarchy or collectivist society could muster in a thousand years.

Instead of being proud of what human beings can achieve, we are filled with self-loathing, as if somehow we do not deserve to live free.  Our Supreme Court is seriously discussing whether political speech should continue be restricted, giving one pause to consider why anyone thought it right in the first place.  EPA bureaucrats sacrifice progress on the altar of junk science.  Our President pushes us with breath-taking speed toward a super-government that inserts itself into every aspect of our lives.

This is America?

Yep, this is America.  Fools that we are, we have allowed the soothsayers to patrol the halls of science and the monkeys to run the zoo.  Folks, we are in for a hard lesson.  When darkness falls, we are going to have to look at each other and ask whether we are up to the task of reclaiming our birthright to live like humans.  We are going to have to face down the Leviathan that used to be our government.

We fret that around every corner lurks a bogey-man–the climate or some other alleged man-made catastrophe–while our leaders spend us into economic ruin.  We fight over crumbs while a sledgehammer descends to crush the life out of us.  We want it all, brother, and by god, we’ll have it–for a while.  Then, when it all comes crashing down, where will all the politicians and the business whores who bed with them be?  When the last person who valued progress over stasis is gone, who will make our drugs?  When the honest businessperson can no longer justify starting a company for fear of crippling taxes and regulation, who will make shoes?  When the last believer in independence and courage has been thrown under the bus so the slobbering masses can get at everything he has earned, will you get yours?

It is sometimes said that in the long, dark night of the soul it is always 3:00 AM.  We can sit on the bed whimpering, knees drawn up tight, or we can throw back the covers and see what is scratching at the door.  When I get there, heaven help the bastard who thought he’d get the best of me.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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2 Responses to Twilight in America

  1. Barbara says:

    Wow, Terry, you nailed it! Passionate and provocative treatise on the state of our complacency…


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