The Cognitively-Challenged Vampire

My wife, Cindy, watches vampire movies.  Though not a fan myself, I have managed to absorb the story line running through most of them as I sit on the couch pretending to do something else.  First, of course, there are the vampires.  They survive in a state of immortal limbo by drinking the blood of humans.   If they drink too much, and they always do, they kill the host.  That necessitates finding other hosts.  If they take too many, the humans will fight back.  It’s not easy being a vampire.

Modern vampire movies have an additional theme.  There is always a group of people who cooperate with the vampires.  They wear nice suits and occupy places of power in government and business.  The vampires need the confederates to be able to escape detection and their confederates need them to be wealthy and powerful.  Nice arrangement.

Though I doubt the makers of such movies intend this, I cannot help but notice how much they parallel our current political and economic climate.  In order for his agenda to work, Obama must simultaneously suck blood from the productive and keep them alive.  The crony capitalists are safe– they play by his rules, pretending to be offended while cutting sweet deals for themselves and covering for the vampires, er, politicians.

Small businesspeople, especially entrepreneurs, are a whole different matter.  These hard-working folks don’t have the time or the influence to snuggle up to Washington.  Thus they are exposed to the ravenous denizens of the netherworld.  Lacking the mock innocence of the suits, they will take a more straightforward and honest tack.  Somebody needs to tell the vampires that their blood supply is in danger.

A fellow blogger (Coyote Blog) has posted a superb explanation of why small businesses cannot afford to grow bigger and hire more people.  I suggest you read it if you want to know what small business owners face in the current political climate.  Investing in any long-term project includes a gamble that government will not change the rules and destroy any already razor-thin margins.  And herein lies the problem.

Since roughly 1980, they have become the real drivers of wealth creation.  We have shifted from a Fortune 500 economy to a small business economy.  Small businesses represent the vast majority of net job creation and innovation.  Since they do not dress quite as well and cannot afford lobbyists, they are easy prey for Obama and the Democrats.  Until now.

As my fellow blogger notes, entrepreneurs make decisions today that have ramifications far into the future.  If the future is highly uncertain, they don’t invest.  End of story.  Obama knows, as have all politicians and tyrants since the dawn of politics, that someone has to create all the wealth that he wants to confiscate. You can be sure they will not be producing any more blood if at anytime the government can slap on health care, cap-and-trade, and whatever else they dream up in their lairs waiting for nightfall.  The Head Vampire has screwed up.

We can at least give a smart vampire some credit for being smooth and cunning.  Clumsy, dumb vampires just don’t work.  Obama’s hubris caused him to squander most of his charm within his first year in office.  Cunning is beginning to look more like clueless.  As in the movies, the real victims are about to rise up and drag the bloodsuckers into daylight.  Hopefully they won’t cut my part, small as it is.


Terry’s wife Cindy has more ways of killing a vampire than Georgia has Waffle Houses.  If the zombies ever attack she is also your go-to gal.  Terry doesn’t know much about killing vampires and wonders why zombies always lean to one side.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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