The Tea Party: Why Now?

The Tea Party is the most fascinating and instructive movement I have ever witnessed in American politics.  Here we have a collection of people who have no formal political party, who have become active for no other reason than that they believe America is in trouble, and whose most notable characteristic is the absence of violence.

It is no wonder that the Left is upset.  We regular folk presuming to know what is good for us irk Democrats, who think government was meant to protect the stupid from themselves.  However, the Right is not thrilled either.  Republicans are aghast that the Tea Party has not embraced their anointed candidates.  Rand Paul’s success in Kentucky, along with a number of other races around the country, has shown them that we are doing more than donning powdered wigs and painting signs.  We are paying attention.  Paying attention means we can tell #&!$ from Shinola, or in this case an elephant pretending to be a libertarian.

This grassroots movement has taken hold precisely because both major political parties have abandoned any pretense of defending limited government and individual rights.  But why now?  Why are citizens taking it upon themselves to organize rallies and raise Cain about all this?  The growth of government is nothing new.  The last 100 years has seen a non-stop orgy in the public sector.  What is different now?

It is simple, really.  People who normally are too busy doing something productive to protest have reached the tipping point.  They are seeing property rights shredded, speech rights assaulted, and tax rates inflated until they have realized that the United States is looking over a cliff.  Rather than cooperate like good little lemmings, they have decided to stay up top and try to salvage what is left.


Terry wishes lemmings were more circumspect.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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1 Response to The Tea Party: Why Now?

  1. Not bad, but add:
    -they tried to write God out of our history
    -declared we aren’t a Christian nation
    -enslaved us in debt
    -openly declare the Constitution doesn’t matter
    -openly declare themselves socialists (I’ve got proof!)
    -openly declare themselves superior to the masses
    -pass 2000 page bills without reading them
    -judges legislate
    -congress gave their authority to the executive branch (allow EPA to write rules, HHS writes health care rules etc etc)

    I could go on, but I think you get the point!


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