Rage? Witch-Hunt?

OK, I admit it.  I read Paul Krugman’s column in the New York times now and then.  This one is priceless.

Photo by Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

In it, we learn that:

  1. The last Democratic President was hounded viciously by rabid Republicans for no reason at all.
  2. Rich people are angry (and bad, while we’re at it).
  3. Opposition to Obama’s policies are tantamount to “paralyzing government” in the midst of a crisis.

In other words, we opponents of our present political course can only be explained as enraged witch-hunters.  The proof?  Super-rich people like the Koch brothers and Steve Schwarzman, the billionaire chairman of the Blackstone Group, are critical of Obama’s and Congress’s stance toward business.  Oh, and Glenn Beck says even meaner things than Rush Limbaugh.  Yep, the logic of it all is indisputable.  America is about to be overrun by the likes of we slobbering barbarians and our mega-wealthy masters.

Krugman also accuses a “significant number of Americans” of not considering liberal governments legitimate, even “moderate” ones.  Please forgive, Paul.  You are right.  We don’t believe that the vast majority of present government functions are legitimate.  They are festering sores on the buttocks of our country…oops, there I go again, raging and hunting witches.  Not sure what got into me.

I believe that ignorance is usually self-imposed.  Paul Krugman is ignorant, proactively so.  Were he to ask any one of millions of quite sensible and not-quite enraged citizens why they join Tea Party groups, he would find out that they genuinely and sincerely want a change in direction in this country.  Perhaps he would also find out that Rush and Glenn are entertainers who draw attention to the cause but whom few take at face value. He would find that, unlike he and his ilk, most of us can tell the difference.


Terry wants you to be super-rich so Krugman can take a poke at you.  Buy his book and find out how to become at least kind-of rich.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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