Obama Gets Religion?

It was sometimes said that if Bill Clinton were to lie down on a pool table, he would turn green.  How true.  I despised him not so much for his policies, but for his stringent avoidance of principles of any kind.  He represented to me the very worst in politics–a craving for power itself with no larger purpose in mind.

Obama is a different creature–a man who appears to believe he really is anointed.  Schooling the rest of us on the evils of capitalism seems to come naturally.  He has no qualms about redistributing wealth to purposes higher than we mere citizens can envision.  Goodness and light surround him–in his own mind–and he is humble enough to let us bathe in it.

That is, until lately.  Our current President has found that his commands from upon high are failing to produce the recovery he so desires.  Businesses are (gasp!) refusing to borrow, expand, and hire because they aren’t too keen on making money for him and his mother-government agenda.  Puzzled and frustrated, Obama has been forced into an epiphany.

To paraphrase Ayn Rand, the first problem of economics is production, not distribution.  Without production, there is nothing to distribute.  In a blinding flash of the obvious, Obama has realized that tax breaks for business are a good idea.  With Democrats set to take a butt-whooping at the polls in November, he has learned from his Democratic predecessor–turn green.

Bill Clinton, a charming sociopath, could lie flawlessly knowing he was lying and knowing that you knew he was lying.  The very audacity of it made even the most principled of us stop and wonder how it must feel to live without a conscience.  Obama has no such charm.  He is a clod, dressing himself up clumsily as a friend of business while all of us know he is licking his chops in anticipation of taking the wealth his “new friends” create.

It is embarrassing, really.  We have a President so clueless and so cynical that one wonders from whence he comes.  Certainly not the world you and I live in, where some of us have managed to retain a modicum of self-respect.  Shall we believe he has converted?  Shall we now say he is one of us, that he knows he was wrong about business?  About profit?  I think not.  Rather let us see him for what he is–an aspiring chameleon.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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5 Responses to Obama Gets Religion?

  1. The scariest part is that the former head of his economic team is going back to teaching college!


  2. madboy says:

    I don’t understand why Obama isn’t considered a friend of business. Taking a recent piece of news contrary to your ideas, I’ll explain. He just announced a tax break for businesses that allows for them to write off 100% of their new investments in plant and equipment through 2011. (Today’s WSJ article mentions a value of $200 billion.) Capex is already running at elevated levels and one of the last things needed is a deficit-financed tax incentive.

    And for a glimpse into Madboy’s thoughts of Rand, “one of the mot evil figures of modern intellectual history.”


  3. Terry Noel says:


    A closer look reveals that the incentive speeds up the time frame under which businesses can claim deductions. The ones they normally take over a period of years are thereby eliminated. I will be the first to admit that this is a help, but it does not by any stretch represent a change-of-heart on Obama’s part.

    Obama is not a friend of business because he is, well, an enemy. This administration has foisted a disastrous health care plan on business, passed financial regulations no one understands, and is bound and determined to kill the Bush tax cuts. Like a vampire, he only wants the host to remain well enough to furnish blood.

    Your comment about Ayn Rand is shallow and irresponsible. It is fine to disagree with Rand, but calling someone evil without at least an explanation is not constructive. Rand was a champion of individual rights, capitalism, and the nobility of man. I shudder to think under what moral code she would be considered “evil.”



    • madboy says:

      1. So I take it we both agree that the tax incentive is a positive for business, but may disagree over the magnitude. Fine with me. That act isn’t anti-business and, as I would argue, many others carry the same conclusion.

      2. Too much sensationalizing about the health care act. Corporate media points out a small business owner’s costs have significantly risen and the point trickles down to empty minds that it’s killing business. The largest insurers are doing quite well. If anything Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and AMA-like entities are the ones pillaging pocketbooks.

      3. Even Greenspan says it’s time to let the tax cuts expire.

      4. An outright refutation of everything Rand stood for can be found in Marx, if you’re looking for substance. Open your mind; I can tell you only stick with Mises, Hayek, Nietzsche, the WSJ editorial page, and probably vote Ron Paul.

      5. And irresponsibility is crypto-fascism serving as pseudo-religion on the same level as scientology. Capitalism’s ills have to be saved for another time, though.

      “It is hard to have a Southern overseer; it is worse to have a Northern one; but worst of all when you are the slave-driver of yourself.”


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