A Lesson from Romania

Anyone who has marveled at the growth of government has to wonder, “How do you stop these guys/gals?”  Rain or shine, they spend, spend, and spend some more.  No matter who we vote in, they find the lure of power and influence more compelling than the principle of small government.  What’s a citizenry to do?

Perhaps we could learn from the Romanians.  Desperate for tax revenues, the government decided to tax psychics.  Now it turns out that most psychics are also witches.  Who knew?  So the witches threatened to curse the legislature if the law passed and the legislature backed off.  Hmmmmm…

My mother-in-law doesn’t ride her broom anymore, but I’ll bet she still remembers some curses.  (Just kidding, Joanie.  You can turn me back into a human being now.)  How about we all summon (or text, if you prefer) all the witches and warlocks we know and ask them to curse Congress!

The only problem I see is Pelosi–she may be immune.  That still leaves 534 legislators to curse.  I have Joanie working on a group discount.  Er, I mean I would if she were a witch, which of course she’s not.  (Very funny, Joan.  Webbed feet.  Come on, I have to wear dress shoes today.)

So contact those witches and let’s get this thing rolling.  I’m sure there is a Facebook page somewhere.  And please, none of those namby-pamby Wiccan types.  I mean real witches–the kind who can strike terror into the hearts of the Washington establishment.


Terry sometimes wonders if he has gone too far.  He checked.  He hasn’t.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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1 Response to A Lesson from Romania

  1. Jane Carrell says:

    Damn straight Terry hasn’t gone too far!! Refreshing – bring it on!


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