The Audacity of Nope

President Obama has laid down the gauntlet to Tea Partiers.  “Tell us what you’d cut,” he demands.  “Medicare, Social Security, starving children living in a filthy closet without any light?”  OK, that last part was mine.  To hear Obama talk, one would think advocates of limited government are dead set on ruining everyone’s life in the name of some loopy ideology.  If you responded positively to that last sentence, please stop, breathe, and think–you are not getting enough oxygen.

Our President is beside himself trying to understand why most of America just can’t seem to get on board with his agenda.  So he has stooped to using the favorite tactic of the Democratic Party–find some poor soul to parade in front of the camera for a sympathy play.  That way, we won’t see the truck that is about to hit us from behind.

Nice try, Mr. President.  You’ll have to do better than that.

Since you ask, though, here is a potential list of areas to cut spending:

  1. The “war” on drugs.  Adults should be able to choose what they put in their bodies.  Our efforts in fighting drug consumption have spawned a culture of unspeakable violence with minimal effect on drug use.
  2. Get the government out of health care–completely.  Stop lying about the free market and let it work to create high-quality, affordable health care.  Let insurance companies compete across state lines and decide who and what they will cover at what cost.  Allow unlimited tax-deductible contributions to Health Care Savings Accounts, which may be used to pay for ANYONE’S care at the choice of the owner.  Those who are worried about people falling through the cracks may line up to contribute part of their savings to medical charity pools.
  3. End business subsidies–completely.  From the farmer to the financier, let the free market reign.

There.  That ought to get us started.  Now, before you start bellyaching about how bad all these changes will be for the country, let’s remember this.  It took government a century to screw things up this badly.  It will take years to unscrew it.  And unscrew it we will, starting now.  The alternative is that the cutting will be done for us.  The world is daily on the brink of a complete currency meltdown.  Every program you just can’t find your way to cut will be piled on top of the debt we already can’t manage.  No one knows when the pile will topple, but it will.  When it does, the very people you deride so will pick up the pieces and rebuild this country on the basis of the values that made it great.  Please stay out of our way.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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2 Responses to The Audacity of Nope

  1. Add eliminating the Department of Education – in a poll I saw the US now ranks 25th in the world, not near the top where we used to be.

    They eliminate the Department of Energy – again it doesn’t work. We are more dependent on foreign oil now than when the department was created to make us less dependent.

    Next abolish the IRS and pass a flat tax or national sales tax instead (NOT A VAT TAX)


  2. Tim says:

    It would be interesting to find out what kind of dent your suggestions would put in the national debt. If the President’s point is that substantive change will only come from cutting the sacred cows, he has a point. Advocates of limited government, frequently, are just fooling themselves about how complicated the problems are to solve. – Tim


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