Angry? Please…

It’s official now.  The Huffington Post has noticed that the Tea Partiers are angry.  What a fool I’ve been!  All this needless energy expended on criticizing what has become of our government when all along all I needed was a therapist.  (Note to self: Find out whether the new Health Care Bill excludes anger management for libertarians.)

Let’s start with some basics.  First, anger is OK.  Whoever started the idea that it isn’t should be forced to listen to Barry Manilow for ten hours straight.  We’ll see then who’s angry.  Whether it is anger at a homophobic religious leader or your child who just poured molasses in the turtle tank, anger is often justified.  Even rage, if the offense warrants it.  Think 911.

Arianna, you have it all wrong, and your article is a cheap shot.  Tea Partiers are angry–rightly so.  But anger does not define us.  We are busy learning about the Constitution–that pesky document we keep looking at and wondering why it has been ignored for decades.  We are educating people about their rights, about how to survive the economic debacle you and your ilk are about to bring upon us, and how to get sane politicians elected (if such exist).

Your cheap parlor trick won’t work.  You can’t define us away as illiterate hooligans.  You can’t paint us as loonies.  You can’t partition us off as miscreants.  We are here and we are going to stay.  We are going to learn, educate, and campaign.  We are going to prove to the world that individual liberty, not big government, is the foundation from which goodness springs.  Damn right we’re angry.  We are also smart, responsible, and caring.  Get out of the editor’s office and meet some of these folks.  You might be surprised.


Terry was really angry when he read that Huffington Post article, but he’s OK now.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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2 Responses to Angry? Please…

  1. Mad – not violent
    Just no longer silent!

    Terry, I love Barry Manilow! Spent the early 70’s defining being young and stupid to his songs. That probably explains a lot.


  2. Terry Noel says:

    Hee hee…you’ll have to substitute your favorite “love to hate” entertainer, Diane.


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