The Religious Wrong

Religion is a funny subject.  Not ha-ha funny.  Strange funny.  For every noble trait uncovered and nurtured by religion, there seem to be ten nasty ones.  Let’s be clear–I am not about to pick on your religion.  I don’t even know what your religion is.  I am about to ask you, no matter what the particulars, to consider some thoughts about religion and government.

Our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech.  Like it or not, that means we sometimes hear things that offend us.  For example, I loathe the kind of person who would disgrace a fallen soldier’s funeral with anti-gay protests.  I may question the cause for which he died, but that poor young man gave up his life nobly.  If I were King, I’d round up every one of the protesters and send them to Afghanistan with only a toothbrush.  But you see, I am not the King, and neither are you.

Likewise, I despise the venomous spewings of the jihad set.  Anyone who would advocate killing infidels needs counseling.  Cancel that.  They need to be locked up with telemarketers for a few days.  That’ll do it.  But there I go again, thinking I should be able to do anything.  There is nothing to do either with them or the numbskull who wants to burn Korans.  When they start bombing infidels or burning Muslims, it’s time to act.  If they just talk trash or burn things, wanting to prevent it is understandable but childish.

One price of freedom is the inconvenience of finding out firsthand that hateful, stupid people abound.  The antidote is letting it all hang out.  Let the foolish sound off alongside the wise.  A clear, open mind is all that is necessary to sort out the truth.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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