Be Afraid?

I sense two themes reverberating as we approach mid-term elections tomorrow.  First, there will be some major league gloating going on among conservatives and some Tea Partiers.  They expect a rout, and they’ll probably get it. I don’t encourage gloating, but I understand it–the spanker always feels better than the spankee.

Second, and far more interesting, are cries rising up from the liberal left.  To hear their tale of woe, one would think the brown shirts had just marched into town burning books and roughing up old ladies.  Paul Krugman, rarely given to understatement, admonishes us to “be afraid.”

We are to be afraid because Republicans probably “won’t work with” Obama.  That is, they won’t “work with” the same President who crammed health care and financial reform like a watermelon through a buttonhole.  They won’t “work with” a President who thinks everyone between the coasts is scared stupid.  They won’t “work with” a party that gained power and behaved liked nymphomaniacs in a football locker room.

Do tell.

The left has seen its final sunset.  In two short years, we have gone from a world in which giving Obama a chance made at least some sense to collective wonderment that so much cluelessness could fit into one man.  After he was elected, Obama and the Democrats did what no conservative or libertarian could: He showed the world in bold relief what the leftist agenda really is.  We went from a country of people who unwisely tolerated our gradual drift to the left to a country of people who suddenly realized we were headed toward the falls–and fast.

Democrats are understandably fearful, but do Republicans get it yet?  Tea Partiers have scared them into acting, at least temporarily, like Republicans.  But great changes bring with them great peril.  Will we see a Republican party that gets the real message (government is too big and too powerful) or the message they want to hear?  Namely, that the Washington game is fine as long as the elephants are the beneficiaries.

That’s what I am afraid of.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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3 Responses to Be Afraid?

  1. Steve Rawlins says:

    I have been inundated with commentary for the past two years. This is, without a doubt, the most outstanding observation of the campaign season.


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