Spinning Obamush

A raft full of adventurers is floating down a river.  Their speed picks up and soon they realize that they are headed for a gigantic waterfall.  Disgusted with the raft leader, they toss him overboard and elect a new one.  The new leader has them hug each other and rearrange the items on board.  They find some rags and clean the inside of the raft.  He tells them things will be different now and reminds them how bad the former leader was.

Soon they hear the roar of the falls and look expectantly to the man now in charge.  He notes how clean the raft is now and how good that hug felt.  Everyone feels terrific.  They smile, pat the new leader on the back, and drown.

Of all the silliness I have endured through this last election, defending Obama as a friend of capitalism tops the list.  A close second is defending Bush as a friend of capitalism.  Both will be remembered as being at the head of the raft that eventually went over the falls.

Obama’s policies are indefensible.  If he is not a socialist, he is doing one hell of an impersonation.  (Sorry, Sally.  John, just sedate her and lock her in the closet for a while.  Be careful when you let her out.)  No matter what dubious victories his fans may dredge up over the next few months, the truth is that he is paddling us faster down the river.

Bush was, like his father, a pragmatist.  Pragmatism is a synonym for “unprincipled.”  Senior raises taxes as he asks us to read his lips promising no new taxes.  Junior kills capitalism to save it.  Neither one had the depth of understanding needed to navigate us through the rapids.

Many of my readers genuinely want to help the needy.  A goodly number of those are fans of Obama.  At the risk of stirring up the cow pile, let me suggest that siding with Obama is like asking the Mafia to run a shoe store.

Shoe too big?  (Whack! as he hits the customers foot with a pistol butt.)  There, that foot will be the right size in no time.

And lest my conservative friends are tempted to get all pompous, Bush was little better.  He would have said that a big shoe is just right and expected the customer to believe him.

Capitalism tolerates no fakers.  People by and large know how to better their condition.  The question is whether they will.  Capitalism soon lets them know.  Those that don’t either deserve that they get or find themselves targets of the generosity that characterizes people who aren’t raped daily by the government.  Obamush is the enemy of prosperity, and no job report can alter that fact.

If we wish to avoid going over the falls (if that is even possible), we must get government out of the way completely.  Forget printing money.  Forget saving companies that are “too big to fail.”  Forget “leveling the playing field.”  Remove the government completely from the economy and let sensible people do sensible things to get us to shore.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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