Keith Olbermann

I have never watched Keith Olbermann.  From what I gather, he is a “shouting head” on TV.  I frankly don’t care what his views are, as I find high-decibel political discourse idiotic.  I do, however, wonder at the tempest surrounding his suspension.

This is an easy one.  His company disallows political contributions, figuring a journalist ought to be, or at least ought to give the appearance of being, neutral.  He contributed to political campaigns.  He got suspended.  End of story.

Whether that ought to be a policy is open to debate.  I do not have a strong opinion, and my particular opinion is not the issue here.  Neither is yours.  MSNBC, to its credit, did exactly what it should have.  It enforced the rule it created.  Olbermann knew the rule when he contributed.

We can only speculate on Olbermann’s motives, but we have a clear case for his lack of judgment.  If you want to support political candidates, don’t seek a job with a company that disallows it.


Update: Olbermann’s suspension ends today.  I wonder what MSNBC will have to say about its policy.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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4 Responses to Keith Olbermann

  1. sally lacy says:

    You ready for this Terry? I agree. He broke the rule. He got a consequence. End of non-story.


    • Terry Noel says:

      I knew we agreed on some things! Thanks, Sally.


      • Teri Peacock says:


        Exactly! He broke company rules. It’s that simple. This is not a civil rights issue; it is an employee/employer issue. Keith is supposed to be super intelligent (just ask him). He had to know company policies when he signed on with MSNBC. He’s fortunate that he’s in a high profile job. If he were one of the nameless rank and file and broke company policy, he would be filing for unemployment right now instead of preparing to return to work from an unpaid suspension. Looks like we ALL agree! 🙂


  2. David says:

    His nightly contributions to the far left due to his biased and slanted commentary was worth much more to the Democratic party than his monetary contributions. Obviously MSNBC doesn’t worry that much about WHAT their talking heads are saying, they just can’t put their money where their mouths are and make financial contributions.


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