V for Vy are You Touching Me There?

I just finished reading V for Vendetta last night.  It was a surprisingly well-told story.  In fact, I am not sure how I missed it so far.  A man known only as “V,” imprisoned and experimented upon by a corrupt government, launches violent resistance to the subsequent fascist regime lording over England.  Far more than a mindless revenge novel, V for Vendetta shows how one man’s desire for retribution is transformed into a heroic mission–to relieve mankind of its fear of corrupt authority.

On Wednesday, people all over America are opting either not to fly or to forgo nudie scanners in favor of an aggressive pat-down by TSA officials.  Some will simply wear t-shirts that state their objections while complying–for now.  When was the last time you saw principled resistance like this?

We have reached the tipping point in America.  An abusive and unaccountable bureaucracy has finally met with a unstoppable force–individualism and human dignity.  Will our leaders get the message–that we don’t need them to manage our own lives?  Do they understand that national security is not a blanket justification for just any procedure they dream up?  Can they possibly believe that we are so gullible as not to know what well-connected misanthropes are making money off scanners?

I frankly doubt they will get it anytime soon.  Americans will have to resist over and over and over.  Our leaders will lie, they will steal, and they will abuse their power until a Great Day of Reckoning arrives.  On the day we all take off our masks and stand out openly in peaceful defiance of our budding fascist state, the world will know that no power and no authority can win over the individual who honors him/herself.  Opt-out, my friends, if that is your way of unmasking.  Show them who really rules the skies above and the earth beneath.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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1 Response to V for Vy are You Touching Me There?

  1. Tracy Doyle says:

    As some one who canceled a flight last week to avoid the possibility of the nudie shots or groping, I can see the point of opting out in order to create a bottleneck at security checkpoints, but it really doesn’t address the issue of unreasonable search since the groping/fondling is no more acceptable under the 4th Amendment than the naked pictures are – and perhaps even less. We as Americans MUST stand up for our rights against unreasonable searches. The mere act of a law-abiding citizen buying a plane ticket does not constitute just cause for a strip search or intimate pat-down. We must refuse these assaults on our dignity and our liberty.
    I’ve had friends who claim that safety should trump the Constitution. Think about that. Folks, your safety is IN the Constitution – the document which protects us against tyranny, dictatorship and abuse! You have much more to fear from a government which would invade your privacy to the point of sticking its hands down your pants than you do the possibility that a terrorist will be on your airline flight.


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