There Goes My Fortune

Governor Quinn of Illinois may sign a bill requiring online retailers to collect sales tax even though Amazon has no physical presence in IL.  I protest.  If Quinn signs the bill, I am done as an affiliate.  Quick!  Buy a book here!

Sorry.  I panicked.

Just between you and me, losing affiliate status will not wreck me financially.  I started it primarily to learn more about Internet marketing so I could teach my students more effectively.  Sure, were I to start making significant amounts of money from being an affiliate, I would be concerned for personal reasons.  As it is, though, I still have to wonder what prompted all this.

Rank stupidity on the part of our state government is probably the best, and least helpful explanation.  Illinois has overspent.  Here is a quote from the Sunshine Review.

Illinois’ financial situation is worse than any other state in the country according to a study by the National Conference of State Legislatures. The state ended Fiscal Year 2010 in worse shape than any other state (the state’s general fund balance was the lowest it has ever been at negative $4.7 billion[4]) and the state’s budget situation has been called “tenuous at best.”[5]

Actually, “overspent” does not quite capture it.  We have left drunken sailors far behind and poor bloggers like me struggling for similes.  (Note to my readers.  I will publicly recognize anyone whose simile for spending I use this week.  Please send them in.)

And for Amazon?  They will simply kill the program as they have in at least two other states passing similar laws.  Good for them.  And before anyone pleas for a “level playing field” for brick-and-mortar retailers, let me suggest something novel.  Why don’t we pressure our legislature to work on ways to eliminate the state sales tax altogether?  For everyone.  It is clear that the state is collapsing.  While we are going through the rubble, let’s start all over by asking ourselves why we want to give the state the power and money they have now.  Doesn’t look to me like they can handle it.












About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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1 Response to There Goes My Fortune

  1. Deb S. says:

    rank stupidity + overdue bills = moronic maneuvers. Quinn is panicking and proposing desperate measures. This ship is sinking and he sees that he’ll not have employment if he cannot right the boat. (The state which dissolves hardly needs a governor.)

    Ever have a song locked in your brain? I adore Chris Rea; his song ‘Texas’ keeps wandering through my skull. There’s going to be some real tough choices soon, at least I can enjoy Mr. Rea’s voice til then.


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