Who’s Afraid of the Ron Paul Wolf?

My utter disgust with mainstream Republicans was further cemented today upon reading this headline:

Fox News Under Fire for Switched Videotape

In the interest of fairness, Fox says this was all a big mistake.  The chorus of boos after the CPAC announcement of Ron Paul’s win came from a different tape–one in which Romney supporters last year were disappointed that their man did not win as expected.

Let’s think this through.  Why might a year-old tape be used for a broadcast covering a days-old event?  One reason might be poor quality.  Say one intended to substitute a similar tape for clarity, but gosh golly gee put in the one that had boos instead.  Hey, it could happen.


Folks, I have tried to think of an innocent explanation for this, and I am pretty creative.  Nothing.  Unless I hear a story that does not offend my intelligence, I am banking on the explanation that Fox lied.

Some of you will find it perfectly believable that Fox News would lie–about Democrats.  The astonishing thing about this incident is that Ron Paul is far and away the most consistent and articulate champion of limited government in existence today, with the possible exception of his son Rand.  So what has traditional Republicans so scared?

It is because they are cut from the same cloth as Democrats.  Some of the more savvy ones cuddled up to the Tea Party to keep the wolves at bay.  All the while, they were figuring out how to cut deals, keep earmarks, and curry favor with their largest corporate contributors.  Oh, and look like they had experienced a libertarian conversion.

Ron Paul scares Republicans witless because he actually does believe in limited government.  It took people in this country years to realize that he was serious.  It took several more for them to wonder if maybe, just maybe, he is right about some things–bringing troops home from foreign soil, abolishing the Federal Reserve, and taking the Constitution seriously, to name a few.

The next two years will see the most revolting display of political mud-slinging in recorded history.  Instead of coming out to meet the opponent, the Old Guard will cower within and lob ad homonym attacks.  The Tea Party wolves are at the Republicans’ door and they plan to eat every big-government apologist and limited-government faker within.

I can’t wait.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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1 Response to Who’s Afraid of the Ron Paul Wolf?

  1. Dustin B. says:

    I can’t tell you how angry this made me. I can’t figure out what to do with my anger over this, either. I’m angry at Fox, I am angry at the Republican party… but where is there to turn? As if MSNBC or CNN is any better? Of course there are blogs and online news, but with mainstream there seems to be no alternative choice.

    As for the Republican Party, the alternatives are the democrat party (ha!) and a third party. At a national level, the major parties still seem to be the only way to get elected.

    It’s all very frustrating.


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