Donald Trump Was Hatched!

The Donald found his true birth certificate and boy am I glad.  I don’t think I could take much more of the birther controversy.  Trump seems to think it a big deal, and thus keeps pressing Obama to release his.  I have to ask what else he brings to the table.  Even if were true that Obama was born in Kenya (it is not), it would not rank in the top 1000 of issues relevant to the future of this country.

So what does the Donald say about current issues?  I mean the ones that matter.  Trump is many things, but capitalist is not one of them.  He has gone on record in favor of a one-time tax on the rich, a universal health-care plan, and a 25% tariff on Chinese goods.  Hardly the stuff of Atlas Shrugged.

Some of these positions are old.  Perhaps The Donald has become serious in the past decade.  Scratch that.  His single-note song of late has been…the birth papers of Barack Obama.  I find it odd that during a time when the US stands on the brink of financial doom, Trump is hammering on an issue he cannot win.  No one is going to win in 2012 whose main thrust is fanning the flames of a controversy that should have died months ago.  For Pete’s sake, let it go.

As he decides whether or not to run, Donald Trump should answer a few simple questions for us all so we can see whether he is the stuff of a US President.  For example:

  • What is your position on the Federal Reserve?  Should it continue to exist as an institution and if so, what should be its mission?
  • What is your detailed response to the Ryan budget proposal?
  • Under what circumstances should the US intervene in foreign disputes?
  • Is Congressional approval required for a President to take military action?

I once saw Trump live.  When I got home, I told Cindy that he was a “splendid pig.”  I say this in a good way.  Trump was, counter to my expectations, self-effacing in his humor as he provided an hour of engaging stories about making it in the world of big real estate.  When I left, I had concluded that he was more than anything else an entertainer–one who knew exactly what he was doing from the podium.  He was working his business.  Easier to do the big deals when everyone knows you as a celebrity.

His run, or rumored run, for President is likely just more of that.  I expect that at some point he will start to look like Charlie Sheen in the public eye.  Unlike Charlie, though, he will craftily steal back to what he does best, having worked the public masterfully.  Better for him; better for us.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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