Birther Bravery

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer made a principled stand by vetoing the so-called “Birther Bill.”  Hats off to a brave and sensible woman.  She understands that having a single individual in government as a gatekeeper to the President’s race is a colossally bad idea.

There are about 10,000 reasons to despise Obama’s politics, but nary a good one to question his birthplace.  Birthers would be well-advised to drop this one like a hot potato.  In order to make the case that he should not be President, one would have to prove he was born elsewhere, not just raise dubious questions about the issue.  Good luck with that one.  Donald Trump, are you listening?

Speaking of Trump, he has reinforced my belief that people are dangerously willing to follow anyone who offers to save them.  Some conservatives, and apparently some Tea Partiers, have responded positively to Trump’s message.  Perhaps one of them can explain to me exactly what his message is.

What I have seen so far is a mishmash of policy recommendations that defy coherence.  He hates China for “not playing fair,” or something to that effect.  He wants America to “be respected again,” though I cannot quite discern what he means.  He has publicly supported the bank bailout, though he failed yesterday to reiterate that position.  He has supported universal health care in the past, hates Obamacare, and as far as I can see has no intelligible position on it currently.

In short, Donald Trump is as qualified as most politicians.  Not a good sign.

Trump has gotten a lot of press because of his birther antics.  Unlike Governor Brewer, though, he does not seem able to understand how to articulate principles.  I know when I read about her veto decision why she came down on the side she did.  Though I may not agree with everything she decides in the future, at least on this one, I can figure out the idea behind it.

At a time when this country needs an articulate, intelligent response to the socialist drift embodied by President Obama, this is what we get?  A spotlight-intoxicated rambler who does not even understand the principles behind capitalism?  Worse, people think The Donald will lead them to the land of milk and honey?  Please.

There is but one good thing I can see in Trump’s flirtation with politics.  He will continue this silliness long enough for a Republican and hopefully a Libertarian field to shape up.  Come June, when Trump decides one way or another, it will be time for the bad warm-up act to leave the stage and let the real band crank it up.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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