Kasich Is Right, Mr. President

Called out by President Obama, Governor John Kasich of Ohio blasts the President for meddling in Ohio’s affairs while failing to manage his own.

The president of the United States has I think a $13 trillion debt. Why doesn’t he do his job? When he does his job and gets our budget balanced and starts to prepare a future for our children, then maybe he can have an opinion on what’s going on in Ohio.

Obama is upset that Kasich has the audacity to trim some of the bargaining power of public-sector unions in an effort to address Ohio’s budgetary problems. Keep in mind that Ohio’s lawmakers did not cut wages; they only removedĀ sick time, pension benefits and healthcare from negotiations between unions and the government.

The President is consumed by an impossible fantasy, that we can remedy our fiscal woes without changing anything significant. Public unions are just the beginning. They enjoy bargaining leverage they never should have gotten in the first place. The real fun will begin when the very people who are taking the unions to task find out that they can’t have Medicare and Social Security benefits as promised, either.

America has become spoiled and soft. We have allowed dishonest legislators and pompous Chief Executives to lead us down this road, and now we are bellyaching that we can’t have all the things that we were promised. Yes, yes, I know. It’s not right. It “shouldn’t” have happened. But, we humans being what we are, we have talked ourselves into the same kind of fantasy that consumes our President–that we can have government (read “other people”) take care of us when we are old and sick and protect us from the dangers of everyday life.

Wishing that union members or any other citizens could keep what they have planned on is kind-hearted but deadly. They can’t. And you can’t have your Social Security, either. It won’t be there. Medicare? Dead, cooked, done. Stick a fork in it. We will be lucky to honor the next few years obligations. The generation I teach now will have to be smarter and wiser than we were. They will have to plan on not having any of those things, even if the governments says they will.

Kasich is precisely right. Obama has no business advising anyone on anything fiscal. He is not only mesmerized by the siren song of the Keynesians, whose remedy for all things economic is printing money. He is also a menace to the American spirit. By insisting that we can tweak our current quasi-socialist state and all will be well, he is sealing the fate of a people who once took life into their own hands and built the greatest home humanity had ever seen. I for one will weep.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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1 Response to Kasich Is Right, Mr. President

  1. Karen Boyd says:

    I, for one, would never stop weeping if I dared to open the flood gates. God alone can rid the world of those who conquer us with the economy, high taxes, greed, corruption, etc. And we know He will. The saddest of all is that even with the media exposing so much of what’s happened and is happening, people still keep voting the same ones back into office!! You can be shown to be a liar, thief, adulterer and NOBODY seems to remember when they enter the polling booth!!


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