Is Gary Johnson for Real?

I do not endorse political candidates. For one thing, I don’t want the formidable power of my blog to affect the future of our country inordinately. It’s an awesome responsibility–one I take seriously. And, to paraphrase Mark Twain, it just encourages them.

I do, however, take a second look when a candidate sets him/herself apart from the crowd of dolts that seeks high office. Gary Johnson may just be one of those candidates worth learning about.

Johnson was governor of New Mexico for eight years. During his two terms, he set records for vetoing bills. He is a libertarian (by all appearances, a real one at that). He supports gay marriage, immigration, right to choose, and drug legalization. He has smoked pot for pain control (claiming never to have exhaled), climbed Mount Everest, and regularly runs triathlons. He wants us out of Afghanistan and Iraq “tomorrow.” He thinks our intervention in Libya has been wrong A to Z. Oh, he is also a successful businessman.

Where was I when this guy governed New Mexico? I have to get out of the house more. To have not one, but two libertarian (Ron Paul being the other) candidates in the running for the Republican nomination must have Old Guard Republicans scratching their heads and wondering if they missed something during their afternoon naps.

Yes, they did. They missed the Rebirth of Liberty. They missed the collective disgust that finally found voice in the emergence of the Tea Party and libertarian activism. They missed the fact that people are not stupid, they have just been too busy to take out time from their otherwise productive lives to mind overgrown children masquerading as statesmen. Until now.

We have awakened as a people, and as a people, we will take back our rights. We are not a flock tended by shepherds of the left and plantation owners of the right. We are individual human beings and as such are the foundation upon which all legitimate governments rest. We will not tolerate groping, door-bashing, and snooping in the name of protection from terrorists. We will not continue to support absurd social programs and aimless foreign wars. We will not accept a government that kicks the entrepreneur in the teeth while playing footsie with big business whores.

If Gary Johnson even comes close to fighting against the non-stop assault on our liberties in the manner his governorship suggests, he is one major exception to the rule. Though I have a lot more to learn about this guy, he has caught this libertarian’s attention. I hope he catches yours.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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