Loving Medicare

Paul Ryan does not care if the Medicare issue ruins his political career. If he means it, I may have to add him to my very short list of respectable politicians. The vote in a New York special Congressional election this week may indicate that this is more than just a possibility. A Democrat, Kathy Hochul, won. Part of her strategy was to convince people that Republicans wanted to “…end Medicare as we know it.”

TIME’s Joe Klein summed it up best. “It was a victory for socialism.” I could kiss him, not for applauding socialism, but for telling the truth about Medicare. Klein adds, “…and the folks love it!”


This country will descend into chaos not because of Barack Obama. He is merely a visible symbol of a deadly disease in the general populace. It will melt down because people love what they cannot have. Medicare and Social Security are dead and we are refusing to go to the funeral, convincing ourselves that rumors of its demise are exaggerated.

By no one’s reckoning is Medicare sustainable in its present form. Democrats know this full well, but value votes more than integrity. Republicans are starting to waiver as well, no doubt huddling this morning in a fearfest of hushed whispers. Now watch them scurry to tell their constituents that Medicare is OK and the Paul Ryan was being “extreme.” What scum.

Let the politicians make of all this what they will. It is of no consequence to you and me. Waiting for politicians to do anything honest about our race to total fiscal destruction is a lost cause. You and I need to prepare. We will not get Medicare. We will not get Social Security. Some of us hopefully have enough time to prepare. Others will have time, but fail to get ready. When the other shoe drops, make sure you are not the one who gets stepped on.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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