Tweeting While the World Burns

Today I planned to write on something light, like the Cicada invasion. News has a way of interfering with my plans, though. As a responsible blogger, I am compelled to address the story of Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Weiner (D-NY) does not stand accused of anything in particular. Someone just retweeted a picture of someone’s underwear on his Twitter account–to a 21-year old girl. Weiner claims his account was hacked at first, but then was “not sure” if the anatomy in question was his.

(I would like my readers to know just how difficult it is to write this story without double entendres. Decorum dictates that I refrain.)

OK, back to the subject, which is no subject all all, given that the bleeping country is headed over the falls and you are busy taking pictures of your…self and sending them to a girl who is less than half your age!!!!!

Remember Sam Kinison, the screaming comedian? Go back and read that last paragraph Sam style and you may get a sense of the indignance I feel this morning. I try, really try, not to sink into hopelessness. I look for the best and seek the light in all that I do. I greet life each day as having the potential for wonder and joy. All this and damned if I don’t get the impression that the world has discovered my rosy outlook and set out in unison to destroy it.

Not every member of Congress is given to Tweeting himself inappropriately, of course. Some merely sleep with aides or take bribes. Some do none of these things and are content to be quietly dense. A precious few sense that something is wrong beyond the possibility of their not getting re-elected and are trying to do something about it. Even fewer are doing the right things.

Folks, we are on our own. For the last few of you who believe that our government will save us from certain disaster, I honestly and sincerely wish you the best. The rest of us are leaving now. We will be on the other side of the door waiting for you. We are planning what to do when it all comes down and we need all the sensible people we can find. It’s OK to bring your cell phone, but, well, you know…

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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