Circumcision Insanity

Heaven save us from people trying to help. In that bastion of goofiness some call the State of California, measures are gaining to ban circumcision in San Francisco. Other jurisdictions seem ready to follow. Jean Troutman, leader of the movement, calls herself “…just a mom trying to save the little babies.” No, Jena, you are a woman with too little to do.

Some parents want their sons circumcised; some don’t. Tell me if I missed something, but that is the end of the movie. Jena Troutman and anyone dense enough to listen to her need to learn that the world is not theirs to direct and that some of us are massively indifferent to her opinion on how to handle private matters like circumcision. Make that hostilely indifferent.

I sometimes wonder if the end of the world will come when we run out of ways to mess up each others’ lives. Imagine–people running around all day having exhausted every opportunity to tell others what to do. The existential anguish of having to focus only on one’s own pathetic life! Stop. I cannot bear it.

The sheer stupidity of Jena’s jihad masks the sinister motives lurking beneath. I have no evidence whatsoever that this is fueled by antisemitism, but if I were Jewish, I would probably have my suspicions. Add to that the sheer gall one must have to even entertain the idea that this is anyone else’s business other than the parents. Mingled with the scent of antisemitism wafting from the general vicinity of the Golden Gate Bridge is the overpowering stench of anti-humanism.

Think about what must go on in the spider-infested mind of someone who anoints him/herself the arbiter of private(s) choices. Is there anything we can imagine that would not fall under Jena’s watchful and caring guidance? I tried, and came up wanting.

Jena, go home. Go home and work some nice crossword puzzles or bake a cake. Start a business. Take up Rugby. Meditate. And let the rest of us the hell alone.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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1 Response to Circumcision Insanity

  1. Teri says:


    Another great post.

    You mentioned the Jewish factor here. Todah rabah! But, let us not forget that Muslims also practice circumcision, although often it is performed later in life for an Islamic boy as opposed to on the 8th day of life rite for a Jewish baby. (May explain the anger among some pubescent Muslim males…) When I first heard about this, I wondered what SF’s Jewish community would do to be able to keep their covenant with Gd AND abide by the law of the Land in which they live. It won’t be the first time Jews have had to get creative about how to honor both Gd and civil law. That very history is one of the reasons Jews migrated to America-a place where they would finally be free to practice their faith without governmental sanctions or interference. This issue is indeed a Freedom of Religion issue for Jews, Muslims and even some Christians. I can’t believe we haven’t heard civil rights folks jumping up and down about this.

    Further, I wasn’t aware that circumcision was a state mandated procedure. When my boys were born, the hospital required us to give permission for them to be circumcised. They didn’t whisk my baby off after I had given birth and perform it on him whether I wanted it or not. I had to tell them I wanted it done and sign consent forms. I’m sure it’s still that way. So, what is Jena’s beef? I agree with you: Jena, darlin’, spend your idle hours doing something that is actually going to empower your fellow citizens, not further shackle them!


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