I’ll Hold My Breath!

President Obama is frustrated. Need we wonder why? It apparently irks him so much that Republicans won’t raise taxes, he left a negotiating session, telling others in the meeting not to “call his bluff.” He may or may not have stormed angrily out of a meeting, as some accounts read, but he sure hasn’t done much to assure us that he is not an overgrown child. We know little of what the President actually proposes, though we do get the vague sense that he wants real tax increases coupled with “promised” spending decreases. As one commentator put it, this is reminiscent of Lucy, Charlie Brown, and the football–a child’s game.

I think Obama knows his goose is cooked and he really, really hates it. The Republicans, even if they want to, cannot be seen as raising taxes without getting clobbered come the next election. To his utter dismay, they are doing what (gasp!) politicians do–whatever they think at the time will get them elected again. By refusing to consider cutting our biggest entitlement programs, Democrats are doing exactly the same thing.

The negotiations show us starkly just how childish our leaders are. Were he not chained by those few restraints that still exist in our form of government, I believe Obama would have us all in the equivalent of communes “’cause those are my rules!” The man is an arrogant and overconfident imp.

As are his Republican counterparts, who differ only in the form of their childish depravity. They, unrestrained, would strip us bare to bring gifts to the cool and popular kids, the crony capitalists at the very top. Don’t think for a minute they wouldn’t impose their own version of Toddler Utopia.

We allowed this to happen because we did not want to be bothered with managing our own lives. Our list of perceived “injustices” grew and grew and we abdicated responsibility to the government. Wanting everyone to see us as helpful and caring, we howled for more entitlements, usually for “others less fortunate.” Instead of building businesses for them to work in, we lobbied representatives to make others give them someone else’s money. Instead of learning about money, we trusted that Social Security and employer-managed retirements would take care of our long-term finances for us. Now, even those who planned prudently are about to get washed away as the dam breaks. What are we, deep down?

The answer is not flattering. We are spoiled children as well and our bluff is about to be called. It is time for us to grow up. Our leaders never will. They will do only what they are forced to do about our looming fiscal disaster. We are the only ones who can force them to act like adults and we can do that only after we grow up ourselves.

Obama is King of the Children in Washington right now, though we could have any number of people playing that role under different circumstances. He least of all wants to grow up. He honestly believes he is clever enough to make the adults all go away (after all, he is King of the Children) by promising to spend less in the future if we will only let him have his taxes now. (I promise to be good! Honest! Just don’t punish me this time.) His bluff is being called and he is starting to act like a six-year-old threatening to hold his breath. (The country will fail if we don’t borrow and tax more! Watch, I’ll prove it! I will! Just watch me!)

Watch for an even more revolting display over the next few days. Not just Obama, but the whole lot of them. Republicans will watch as Obama rolls on the floor turning blue. The American people will hear every manner of threat about not getting Grandma her check. Republicans will make a great show of standing fast. Then, Democrats will trot out a few sad cases and people will start to whisper, “Is he going to be OK? He looks horrible. I think his eyes rolled backwards in his head.” Republicans will start to rock back and forth, then play their well-rehearsed “grave and nervous” part. Finally, they will cave and give Obama and his ilk what they want, but not without a “stern talking-to.” After the Show, they will ask each other backstage if they were convincing and then congratulate Democrats on their acting.

This cycle will repeat until there are enough adults in the room to let the Brat pass out. And the next Brat and the next and the next. Different party, same kind of Brat, same cheesy act. The only question is whether that will happen before the curtain falls and smothers us.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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