The “No” Heard Round the World

Eighty-seven is a number you should remember. It is the number of “Tea Party” freshmen elected in 2010 with the mandate to tame the beast of Big Government. In this showdown of everyone against everyone else, the 87 by all appearances the only ones who know what they stand for and why they were sent there.

Barack Obama has never see the like. No wonder. There has not been such a stand on principle since perhaps the civil rights era. Unfortunately, his disbelief that the 87 are serious has reduced him to a blubbering fool–a would-be king who looks idiotic issuing orders and making threats. The spectacle of a US President looking this un-Presidential is one more sign that America has grown weak, pathetic, and shallow.

Old Guard Republicans are starting to look like the President as well. Dismayed that this group of upstarts won’t play ball, they have begged and pleaded with the rookies to play by the old rules. They have no one but themselves to blame. Tim Geithner pulled a drop-dead date out of his, er, hat and expected everyone to fall all over themselves to DO SOMETHING! They did, and here we are.

Here is a bit of news that may shock some of you. The world will not explode on Aug. 2. We will not be thrown to the wolves. We will not need a super-hero with special powers to come save us and Social Security checks will be issued as usual. For Barack Obama to choose (and it would be his choice) not to issue SS checks in August instead of using other means to get us through this would be political suicide.

The Democrats, with Obama at the helm, have sailed themselves over the edge. By claiming that Terrible Things will happen on Aug. 2, they will look like liars if no deal is reached and the world continues to spin. In a case of the brash leading the stupid, the Republicans sailed right up there behind. Now both are having their bluffs called by 87 people with no intention of playing by old Washington rules.

The credit ratings we fear so much are a problem, but not in the way most people think. Raising the debt ceiling in order to avert a downgrade is like peeing on a forest fire. It matters little and looks stupid. No matter what the ratings agencies say, it is the markets that will determine whether the US can borrow money. Raising the debt ceiling will prompt hugs all around and encourage people to go on and on as if they had done something grand. They should just keep their pants zipped.

The 87 were sent there by people who see past the next election and the one after that. They will make sure that both Houses become filled with people who can say “no” with conviction. No more taxes. No more profligate spending. No more bailing out huge companies at taxpayers’ expense, and no more running around the world meddling in others’ affairs.

When you are old and telling stories about way back when, tell your listeners that you were there for the No Heard ‘Round the World. Tell them how 87 politicians stood fast and made the political establishment on both sides wilt. Tell them how Americans one by one regained their senses and election by election changed the US from a has-been to a still-is. Tell them how the dream of freedom from an abusive government was not dead–it was only sleeping.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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3 Responses to The “No” Heard Round the World

  1. Inside news: the 87 is down to between 20 and 40. The rest have already been co-opted.


  2. Cole says:

    Well said. I hope 8/2/11 comes and goes with no deal. The charlatans will be exposed and panic will flood the markets for a time and we will experience what some might call “a buying opportunity”. However, the angry mob mentality will drive them to make a bad decision rather than no decison until the right one is reached.


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