Of Hobbits and Hocus Pocus

Poor Tea Party. Those guys and gals just can’t get a break. Everyone from John McCain to Maureen Dowd is piling on. Me? I am just watching the hilarity of it all and buying more gold.

Maureen Dowd appears not to be able to quite fathom Tea Partiers. This is not unexpected. She summarizes her opinion thus:

The world is watching in fearful — and sometimes gleeful — fascination as the Tea Party drives a Thunderbird off the cliff with the president and speaker of the House strapped in the back. The Dow is hiding under the bed with a glass of single malt. Can it get more excruciating? Apple has more cash than the U.S. government.

Maureen, Maureen, Maureen. The Thunderbird has been cruising toward the edge for decades. Where were you when the cruise control was set?

And John McCain. What an embarrassment. McCain wouldn’t know a principle if it bit him on the behind. For him to choose Sarah Palin as a running mate and then toss the Tea Party overboard with a goofy reference to Hobbits is despicable. (Note: don’t construe this as a defense of Palin. I think she has some serious shortcomings that disqualify her as a serious Presidential candidate.)

Even the Wall Street Journal has seen fit to jump atop the pile of Party Poopers. Much as I love the WSJ, I am always suspicious that its embrace of Mistress Liberty loses passion when the Dow heads downward.

All this leave us hapless citizens watching helplessly as idiots argue with idiots, a President fumes and whimpers, and pundits from both sides settle on a common scapegoat. For my part, it is enough that the 22 (down from 87) who stayed the course caused ulcers in the rest. Call them Hobbits if you like. At least they are not whores. In the end, their alarm will be remembered when all around us has succumbed to the slow rolling insanity of business as usual.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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1 Response to Of Hobbits and Hocus Pocus

  1. Tracy Doyle says:

    Funny you used the cruise control analogy – Here’s what I’ve been posting on Facebook all morning, in various iterations: “It’s like this: we’re in a car, speeding along at 80mph toward a cliff and accelerating at the rate of 6mph per minute. Instead of agreeing to at least stop the car, if not turn it around, the occupants agree to reduce the acceleration rate to 3 mph per minute. This bill does not even slow us down! It’s not a “step in the right direction” – it’s a slightly smaller step in the SAME direction. Way to go, congress!”


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