Racist? A Response to Morgan Freeman

No, Morgan, race is not what defines the Tea Party. We wouldn’t care if Obama were pink. It’s his policies that stink on ice, and we will continue to fight them tooth and nail despite your massively unfair characterization.

I know there are racists within the Tea Party, just as there are in every group, liberals included. They are scum wherever they abide, but they do not taint the souls of all who share group membership with them. Our principles are clear, our purpose firm. We advocate individual freedom for all, irrespective of race.

We also do not assume that skin color and political inclination are connected in any way, shape, or fashion. Herman Cain has recently found favor with some Tea Partiers. Clarence Thomas is respected by conservatives and libertarians. Thomas Sowell sounds the bell of liberty alongside people of every color. Yet we are racist?

You are the man who courageously chided people who supported Black History Month, arguing that it was insulting to separate blacks out with respect to their historic contributions. What happened? Is it too much to think that we feel the same way, that it is wrong to treat our President differently because of his race, not his policies? Is it so hard to imagine that when we see our Chief Executive, we see a hopelessly misguided man, not a hopelessly misguided black man?

We would lambast anyone who tried to foist this version of the state upon us. Do you not remember that the Tea Party originated in response to Bush’s bailouts? Do you not recall the blistering criticisms we leveled at his spending record? You may see this as a race thing, but we see it as an attack on all of us, together, one and all.

I do not know you personally, but I suspect you are a better man than your recent statement indicates. Talk to us sometime. Attend an event. Read this blog. Help us run off the bigoted fringe that lurks around the edges of our gatherings. You may just find that we are the least prejudiced people in the room. You may learn that freedom knows no color and that we welcome anyone who loves liberty to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in the fight to reclaim it.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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1 Response to Racist? A Response to Morgan Freeman

  1. AW says:

    Massively unfair characterization? Take a second look….(I realize that you can’t believe everything you see & hear on the internet just like you can’t believe everything you see/hear on mainstream TV, but there are enough evidences out there to paint a pretty ugly picture of the Tea Party state of mind)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PepQF7G-It0&feature=related (

    While race may not define the Tea Party, intolerance does.


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