Crush, Kill, Destroy!

The Left has a dismal record when it comes to adding something positive to the socio-political landscape in which it dwells. It is mostly about taking things down rather than building them up. Not that some things don’t need to be pared or brought down completely. They do. Government is a good example of the former; the Federal Reserve a good example of the latter.

The Tea Party, for all its blemishes, at least has the virtue of a positive program for change. Tea Partiers want less government, but they have a good remedy for the vacuum that is left–the free actions of private individuals. In other words, the Tea Party wants to build, not destroy. In order to build a free society it must slay or at least cripple the Leviathan. This is not empty destruction but healthy growth, similar to pruning a tree.

Occupy Wall Street, to the degree that it reflects the sensibilities of the Far Left, is devoid of any such motivation. Its intent is disruption for disruption’s sake, as the Left’s amorphous agenda has always been.

More people flock to OWS daily, though its numbers are still dwarfed by Tea Party gatherings. After scolding the press about lack of coverage, they managed to get sufficient attention to rate an article or two. Now they slither along in sight of the cameras and in front of the abodes of the rich hissing a message of…what?

Tearing down. Pure and simple. Tear down the rich, tear down the banks, tear down the whatever. Eliminate debt. All of it. Take the rich man’s money. He didn’t earn it. Tear down anything that resembles accomplishment and then…(fade to grey).

The Khmer Rouge rounded up and executed anyone with a brain. North Korea arrests corner vendors trying to make a living. The Great Experiment of the Soviet Union became a graveyard for dissidents. China silences critics with whatever means necessary. From the Left has come naught but pain and anguish. It is a loathsome point of view, even when dressed up as compassion.

People say, “But all these examples are not true socialism.” Horsefeathers. The failure of the Left is in principle, not practice. No amount of window-dressing will ever cover up the core value lurking within–the destruction of the individual. In every form, the socialist agenda seeks to eradicate individual identity and replace it with an identity crafted by a small group of Anointed Ones–ones who are alleged to be above their own petty interests and thus qualified to determine the values of the rest. If you want to identify them, they are the ones with Cadillacs and a nice place to live.

OWS has all the makings of such a movement. Hopefully, its attendees are too dense to actually do anything significantly harmful. If, however, they manage to garner enough malcontents to start shutting metro areas down or burning things in the name of whatever it is they stand for, we will face an old enemy, one now embodied in flesh and blood.

The Tea Party knows how to behave. It remains to be seen whether OWSers have the same compunction. It is hard to remain civil, I suppose, when one’s ideas are founded on little more than adolescent angst. I suspect that somewhere along the way, OWS will either learn manners or precipitate an intervention. We will be happy to listen after that.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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