This Is the Way the (Socialist) World Ends

Greece’s Socialist Prime Minister George Papandreou stunned financial markets and most people with good sense by announcing that he will call for a referendum on a bailout package Greece accepted only a week ago. The problem? Greeks don’t like it. Apparently for them, Marx’s dictum “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.” extends across their borders–at least the “to” part.

Greece may actually succeed in bringing down the European Union, which has shown more patience than the recipient deserves. Germany in particular is not keen on sending more money to a set of people who appears to have lost all sense of dignity and self-responsibility.

It has always struck me as curious that any present-day governing majority could be socialist. We will always have the pathetic bookstore-type socialist who wallows sullenly in the excrement of a despicable ideology, but to pretend that a government can be run by anyone who lauds Marx is beyond comprehension.

Lest we comfort ourselves by thinking that Greece is the exception, let us note that Europe has gorged on a variety of slightly-thinned socialist soups over the past several decades. By the grace of people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the world has marched forward, carrying with it the dead weight of the collectivist dream.

Now the people at the head of the formation are looking back to see more and more people joining the legions of worthless. In turn, they are looking at each other and asking why they are working so hard to support people who not only won’t try, but are proud of that fact. Proud enough, it seems, to burn stuff down–stuff they couldn’t create in a thousand years.

Perhaps it is fitting that the birthplace of Western Civilization is also becoming its deathbed. Watch for statues of the greatest minds and soundest bodies of Ancient Greece to quiver with disgust when Greece finally succumbs to its craven cowardice. You shouldn’t have to wait long–Papandreou’s latest bombshell should do the trick in a matter of weeks.

The question now is what we learn from this. If the EU cuts Greece off, it will default. If it defaults, the EU may survive, but it and the rest of the world is going to catch a hell of a flu.  If the EU saves Greece, it is doubtful it will survive. If for no other reason, countries like Germany will reconsider their commitment to an agreement that perennially punishes them for doing well.

Right behind Greece are a number of EU countries that are faring little better. And right behind them is us. We may pretend not to be socialists, but in fact there is little daylight between us and them. After Bush set the stage with unprecedented government growth and a scummy bailout, Obama played the part of the Great Giver, shoving health care down our throats with a chaser of anti-business serum. You can paint a barn, but in the end, it is still full of animal crap.

And this is how it will all end, not with a bang but a thud. The soul of Western Civilization will have rotted in the keeping of a collectivist elite whom we thought could relieve us of the pain of earning our own way, of trading voluntarily with our neighbors instead of laundering our theft of their efforts through government. For Greece, it is too late to reclaim that which was born in the City of Athens 2500 years ago. For us, it will be soon.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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  1. Dick Richards says:

    Well said. Stay thirsty, my friend.


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