Obama Knows Best

Obama found his political voice Tuesday. Not that he needed to, with the Republican field soaring to new heights of political asininity. The President could have built sand castles in Hawaii for a while and just let Gingrich talk, Romney waffle, and Perry hold revivals.

Instead he came out swinging. Boy, he hates rich people and can’t wait to land a knockout punch. Curiously, his idea of “rich” seems to be anyone with enough money not to need welfare. Worse than that in his eyes is someone who makes that much money and also objects to sending his/her money to him to dispense as he sees fit. God, what vision, what charisma, what leadership! What were we thinking when we thought we could manage ourselves?

The President has learned enough not to state his vision of life-by-government-permission too clearly. Invoking Teddy Roosevelt brings to mind visions of saving bear cubs and embarking on great manly adventures. In fact, Roosevelt was a Progressive, and I use that term as a pejorative. Teddy favored all manner of regulation. His proposals sound like a Marxist wish list: minimum wage laws, eight-hour days, farm “relief,” an inheritance tax…you get the picture. Businesses can do anything they see fit as long as the government approves. It is socialism, pure and simple. No amount of hiding behind the caricature of a former President can change that.

Obama’s progressive vision for America is not reconcilable with any sane notion of individual freedom. It is death by a thousand cuts for the sanctity of your liberty and mine. He must be stopped.*

If Barack Obama wins another term as President, he will mark the end of America as we know it. I am not normally given to hyperbole, though I do mount energetic objections to bad ideas. I have always believed deep down that no President could be so bad as to kill off this great country. We survived Richard Nixon, for heaven’s sake. In this case, though, a second term may just be our last great hurrah.

At stake is not just the collapse of the limited-government ideal. It is the very concept of human beings as independent actors on the great stage of life. Obama is woven through with the threads of statism. He is viscerally opposed to anything taking place outside his direct approval. Freedom is never the point; promising someone that the government will make it OK is first and foremost in his mind, his heart, and his speech.

Pandering to the downtrodden condescendingly was not invented by him, but he has elevated it to an art form. “They,” a pronoun used frequently in his Tuesday speech, seemed to refer to me, though I would hardly consider myself wealthy.** It probably referred to a significant number of my readers as well. “You,” I suppose, was a pat on the head of anyone who thinks “they” picked them out for especially bad treatment.

Obama considers the life of his citizens to be just that–his. He is a monarch wannabe in ways that no President before has dared. By seducing enough people to plea before his Court for sustenance, he is drugging them into slavishness. What he won’t tell them, and maybe does not understand, is how fast the castle walls are crumbling.

Stories of men and women who try to avoid responsibility always end badly. The Universe does not care whether we approve of the fact that we each have to make an effort to live well. It does not provide more for us because we think it would be really keen. It does not do anything–it just is. It is we as individuals who are the masters of our own existence.

Every push and nudge Obama gives toward collectivism tears another piece of dignity from his admiring subjects. They don’t mind because by god its “them” who cause our problems, who take from us, who are responsible for all that is wrong with our lives. Pieces of flesh are ripped from “them,” his doubters, to throw to the complacent and patronized many.

If we find ourselves in the hands of this menace to humanity come next November, look no further for blame than the jackasses who are failing to mount any kind of credible principled objection to The One Who Knows Best. The Republican Party will no longer have any claim to moral authority or political competence. It will have let down its country when it was needed most. And we will be the ones who suffer.




About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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