RINO Stampede

Poor Republicans. It has to be embarrassing to be one these days. Running against the most arrogant, clueless, left-wing President in our history, they seem hell-bent on offering a worse alternative. Give them a few more months like this and they will convince much of the American public that Obama is a reasonable choice. Why are they acting this way? To explain, we need go no farther than the animal herd instinct.

When I was approaching driving age, my father told me always to slow down when I saw an animal near the road, even if it appeared calm. Animals, he told me, are fine until the vehicle gets too near. Then, they panic and run straight toward the sound. He was right, I later learned.

And thus it is with Republicans, who needed only stay calm and explain why Obama, given another term, could conceivably dismantle the very foundation of our individual liberty and send us into economic ruin. Instead, they sent forward a cadre of nincompoops to explain why everything is everything, maybe (Romney), sex is government’s business (Santorum), and whirleybird techno glibenflotschterkeben (Gingrich). If it weren’t for Ron Paul, whom Old Guard Republicans hate, we could reasonably cordon off the August convention, saw off Tampa Bay, and set them afloat in the Gulf.

The term RINO derisively describes Republicans who pretend to be for limited government but who in fact love big government at least as much as Democrats. That is, most of them. Had they the courage of their limited-government convictions, they would not be so prone to stampeding. Instead, they feed at the trough of big government behind the barn and hope no one notices the weight gain. As soon as someone rounds the corner, they panic. They know they are filthy liars and gluttons and they loathe being exposed as who they really are. Hey, there’s a car. You running? Me too! Stampede!!!!

Should Republicans blow the Presidential election this November, which I increasingly see as likely, our thin defense against an Obamarchy will be these pathetic souls in Congress. Call me a pessimist, but I am not filled with comfort over the prospect. Should they manage to blow control of Congress too, we will be able to thank them for our country’s quick death as opposed to slow strangulation.

But what if they win?

I wish I had some really good advice for the country were that to occur. In a strange way, it may actually be the worst of all the alternatives. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that Republicans in control of government will do anything significant to address our looming fiscal catastrophe or rein itself in. RINOs do not, nor have they ever, genuinely wanted less government.

A Santorum win is beyond comprehension and hopefully beyond possible. Gingrich need only open his mouth a couple more times to ensure his final political death. And Romney? Yes, what about Romney?

Mitt Romney may just sedate us enough to groggily witness the final slide over the falls. With no convictions upon which to mount a pushback against years of growing government, he will charmingly captain the ship to its final resting place beneath. Drowning beneath a churning cauldron of entitlement obligations, debt, and encroachments upon our liberty, the strong will claw their way to shore while the weak perish.

In the midst of the maelstrom, someone, we know not who, will rise to say, “Follow me!” Tired, angry, and disgusted, the throngs will line up behind a man or woman who appears as a savior. Preaching order and lawfulness, his army of faithful soldiers will bring about a new order, all right–and you can bet dissenters won’t be welcome. We will wonder how we got there, how the world got so crazy. A few will remember liberty, dimly. Most will be content to obey. The individual will be gone until someone has the audacity to assert himself once again against tyrants. How long? A hundred years? A thousand?

It’s you and me, my friends, not the RINOs who rule. How we manage this election and the aftermath all depends on staying awake, staying vigilant. It does not matter whether Democrats or Republicans are at the helm–the only thing that will save us from total destruction is an unflinching commitment to what we know is right. The individual reigns supreme and we must assert our rights at every turn against every attempt to restrain us. We have only a short time. Let’s not blow it.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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