Empty Chair, Empty Man

It’s official. Mitt Romney has won the Republican nomination and will face Barack Obama in this November’s Presidential election. Can he win? Or perhaps a better question: Can he fill that chair any better?

Against a stagnant tide of socialism-inspired ideas, ham-fisted executive overreach, and insulting paternalism, Mitt and Paul go to face a nation that has seen the office of President  dwindle to a caricature. Bill Clinton was a liar, but at least we knew someone was there. Barack Obama is a shadow, an apparition, an empty space where a man ought to be.

Our President is a pale reflection of something disturbing–a nation whose character has all but disappeared. We are the rusted-out hull of once-seaworthy vessel. Our love of freedom has given way to a resigned acceptance of government as favor-giver. They have finally succeeded in choking the life out of us, and every Presidential photo-op reminds us of how far we have sunk.

The collectivist mindset drifts ever onward to this, its final incarnation. It is not pretty. Our leaders are invoking the worst in us and we are going along as if we can’t see or don’t care. Obama’s policy prescriptions are an endless rant against the rich. His best shot at Romney is to accuse him of being good at business. I doubt he even believes Ron Paul exists.

The Democrats no longer pretend to be anything but the Party of Whores. With every breath comes another promise to make everything OK, always on the backs of the productive, never through the individual efforts of the downtrodden. Their votes come from cynically telling voters, “It’s not your fault.” The problem is, we no longer are outraged at that notion. “Fix me” is an expectation to be met, not a genuine plea for help.

Romney and Ryan have a hard job. They are running against air. The premises of collectivism are so firmly embedded now that Obama can call Paul Ryan “radical” with a straight face. He can lambaste outsourcing without having one whit of knowledge about running a business and America gobbles up the union “Amen’s.” He can say, “You didn’t do that” and a thousand pundits perform exegesis on the phrase as if it were something other than absurd and insulting.

If the Republican ticket fails to challenge–openly, honestly, and vigorously–the soul-killing collectivist premises that are rotting our culture from within, we are done. I am talking about restoring vigor, life, and industry to our country. I am talking about restoring the faith each of us has in ourselves to make our way through life by our own decisions, by our own virtues, and in accordance with our own consciences. I am talking about an end to tippy-toeing around the root problem–socialism dressed up as progress. I am talking about drowning once and for all the collectivist spirit that is killing this country.

I would love to believe that getting rid of Barack Obama will help. Maybe it will, but Romney will have do more than show America that empty chair contains an empty man with an empty ideology. He will have to show us that he genuinely understands the ideas that make this country great. He will have to show this country that he loves business, not that he tolerates it. He will have to tell us the truth–that it is not just Barack Obama, but our own tolerance of bad ideas that has laid us low. Only then can he earn the right to sit down.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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2 Responses to Empty Chair, Empty Man

  1. Dick Richards says:

    You rock as always!


  2. Hank Williams Jr. says:

    Agreed. A wise man once said, “We get the government we deserve.” I fear what it is we may deserve.


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