Vote Obamney!

In a few days, we will choose the next President of the United States. This you know unless you have been living on a deserted island. Given our choice of candidates, a deserted island may soon be preferable to life in the US.

The problem with our choice this time is that it is not really a choice. I say this without a trace of cynicism. Neither candidate has a clue what to do about our tenuous fiscal situation and neither one holds anything resembling a limited government philosophy. Both are prone to flip-flopping (read “unprincipled”) and both are largely political animals, unfit for service to any cause other than their own elections.

My libertarian friends rightly recognize that another Obama term would be a disaster. Actually, a disaster is the best we can hope for. An Obama unchained from the constraints of re-election will go through civil liberties like a mill saw and captain the ship right up to the edge of the falls. He will oversee our last moments as a fiscally sound and politically free nation. Woe to he/she who faces election in 2016.

Then there’s Romney. Some libertarians have now flocked to Romney’s side. I am happy for you. You are doing your part to stop the menace now in office. But please don’t lecture me about how anything other than a vote for Romney is stupid, short-sighted, or unpatriotic. It is none of those. A vote for Gary Johnson or a write-in for Ron Paul is perfectly legitimate and it sends the message, faint but audible, that some of us are done with the GOP and the Democratic Party.

If you choose to send a strong libertarian message, don’t sugar-coat what you are doing. Your vote will not make one bit of difference–in this election. If you are prepared to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of us and work for the next several decades to steer this great ship toward saner waters, follow that “wasted” vote up with real action. Write, speak, think. Show others why we are looking at Mutt and Jeff on the ballot instead of real people.

If you want four more years of Barack Obama, my deepest instincts tell me to have you transported to the penal colony on Xzizizor. (I can do it, too.) That is until I try to formulate an argument for excepting Romney supporters. Cancel that. If I send both, we won’t have enough people left to make reality TV shows. Then where would we be?

Which brings up a sad but necessary point to make. Neither candidate has a clue what to do to prevent the total collapse of this country a few year’s hence. I can no more get excited about Romney than I can get enthused about choosing hanging over the electric chair. He may postpone the inevitable, but the end is no less gruesome.

Our political system serves us only as well as our citizens demand. In this go-round, we have set the bar about ankle height. Both candidates are candidates of big government–Obama openly so, Romney clandestinely so. Government on its current trajectory will not, in fact cannot work. Until we have the gumption to put forward at least one serious candidate who recognizes that, voting will be an exercise in futility.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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3 Responses to Vote Obamney!

  1. web staff says:

    I hope you inject yourself into the local elections coming up soon. Nothing is going to change until local government abides by the Constitution – where do you think the higher idiots came from?


  2. David says:

    Romney has been espousing pro-growth, supply-side economics in conjunction with cuts across the board to the federal government. I haven’t seen where he is proposing anything to grow the government. While historically he was a big government guy, I would hope that he’s learned something about the problems we have with the massive growth in government we’ve had over the last 20 – 30 years and knows that it must be cut down to proper size, not grown in any way. I know that Paul Ryan knows the situation. We also need to put fiscal conservatives in Congress to make these changes as well.

    There are many big differences between Obama and Romney. I hope the electorate sees them and understands them.


  3. Terry Noel says:

    I so hope you are right, David. I think that Romney’s selection of Ryan as a running mate signalled that he is at least aware of the real economic issues that face us. Having said that, he has also indicated his support in principle for some kind of government sponsored/subsidized/regulated health care system and has indicated that he too would have bailed out the auto industry (albeit in a different way). If you are right and I am wrong, both of us will be happy. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.


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