The Greater of Two Evils

Congratulations, America. You have forever quieted my internal struggle with the real heart of our country. I know now where it is. For Romney supporters, condolences. Today must be hard, learning that your party couldn’t hit a bull’s butt with a bass fiddle. For Obama supporters, congratulations. You are about to get everything you want–until you don’t.

Gary Johnson supporters can at least claim that they avoided evil altogether. And by the way, if you are one of those idiots who would like to blame Libertarians for Romney’s loss, I’d keep that to myself today around me. I am not in the mood. Romney lost because of what Romney is, not because of anyone or anything else.

America will not fold today, nor will it explode tomorrow. Some poisons kill over a long period of time. So it is with Barack Obama. He is certitude smothered in incompetence. He has the sensibilities of a King and the character of snake. He is without a doubt the most corrosive and incapable leader this country has seen since…well, he may just have surpassed anyone I can think of.

This will all go unnoticed by the giddy masses and their favorite pundits today. Being a fan of George Will, I tuned in to ABC last night just long enough to learn that Obama was likely to win. Will, as usual, added some valuable thoughts to the discussion, such as the fact that Republicans are losing more and more among minorities. By 2020, it won’t even be close. The others, George Stephanopolous first and foremost, were about to wet themselves with every nugget of “good” news. I had the urge to wet them down as well.

I predict that giddiness will turn to horror in those who live more than about seven or eight years. Obama will accelerate our race toward the finish line, and I mean “finish” literally. His head already room-sized, he will take yesterday as a near-universal endorsement of bigger government, business-bashing, and economy-choking. Obama does not want a successful country. He wants a successful government and a subservient citizenry. If you think that is what you want, please don’t be offended if I opt out.

Barack Obama has told his supporters the worst kind of lie–the kind his listeners want to hear. A serpent by nature, he has slithered up to the weak and the clueless, whispering “It’s not your fault” and “They didn’t do that.” Battered by the inevitable vagaries of life, many have listened to his message. No one has told them different–that life asks of us our best. No one has explained to them that a genuine effort invites a helping hand, not from government, but from decent people who know what life requires and want others to understand it as well. When the last ounce of self-respect is wrung from his minions, Obama will no longer insult those who resist–he will destroy them.

As for you who are not destitute but still find yourself uplifted by yesterday’s victory, you have made a grave error. The people whom you claim to care so much about will suffer in ways that you cannot imagine. Even your god-like Obama cannot stem the tide of disaster headed our way if we do not change our profligacy into responsibility and our underclass into fully-contributing citizens. Your tender hearts are no good without tough minds. Better start working on that now–it’s getting late.

To Republicans I say, “Go home.” Just go home. You have failed to explain to anyone why government is not the answer to their problems. You have insulted immigrants, bashed gays, and provided a safe haven for monsters who think women should shut up and live with the consequences of rape. You cannot beat a man who has lorded over the worst economy in memory and who constantly mocks the business backbone of our country. You are insensitive, inept, and useless. If the equivalent of Mitt Romney is all you can muster in 2016, don’t bother.

And libertarians? We have work to do. We are not perfect, and we need to remember that when arrogance tempts us. Yet we are the only viable alternative to a political world gone mad–a heavy responsibility. Slowly, steadily, firmly we must go seeking to give people a real choice, to show them that they have the power, the intelligence, and the courage to better life for themselves and those around them. We need to expose the lies of the Left and the Right daily, hourly, moment to moment. We need not wither in the face of the calamity that is to come. Somewhere in the core of every human soul is a force driving constantly toward decency, liberty, and prosperity. Find that in everyone you meet. Appeal to it. Reason with it. Live as an example for it. One day maybe, just maybe, we will look back and be able to say that we changed things for the better. I can get excited about that. How about you?

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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10 Responses to The Greater of Two Evils

  1. smiletexbabe says:

    Mournful day. Commiserating with you. Excellent treatise describing my foreboding.


  2. Ron Santo says:

    Spot on. The GOP is the baseball equivilant of the Chicago Cubs. The loveable losers who stand idley by and endure the insults of those who laugh at them as they make error after error and find ways to lose even when handed vicotory on a silver platter. We get the government we deserve. Today is that day.


  3. Lindsey says:

    You have said it perfectly. Passing this one on.


  4. Dick Richards says:

    C’mon, man! You’re holding back. Say it the way you feel it. Just kidding, of course.


  5. JEff says:

    Forgive me arriving at the party late, but do you have a post that explains the difference between Libertarians and Tea Party members? I realize that each has its own extremists, but would like to know the basic differences.



  6. Dustin Butterworth says:

    Romney received 3 million less votes than than even McCain. Obama received 8 MILLION less votes than he did in 2008.

    This election was not won by Obama, this election was LOST by the Republicans. Obviously, they will take away the wrong message from this election. The issue this election is clear to me. They refuse to embrace the popular idea of small government and TRUE conservatism. Instead, they focus on which candidate they convince themselves is the most electable. It didn’t work in 2008, it didn’t work this week, and it sure as hell won’t work in 2016.

    That’s why I’m changing my party to Libertarian. I may not agree with all of their party’s platform, but at least I won’t have my hands broken for disagreeing with them at a Libertarian convention. And at least they focus on issues, not on which candidate has the best head of hair and whitest smile.


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