Fiscal Cliff? Let’s Jump!

A man lighting the fuse to a powder-keg while he sits on it is stupid. One who then complains when it goes off is contemptible. I leave it to you to decide which better describes our government.

Some time ago, our venerable leaders could not agree on whether to raise the debt limit. The debt limit, you may recall, is a cute gimmick Congress uses to pretend to be fiscally prudent. It sets a cap on the amount of money the US may owe. It is also routinely “adjusted” upward.

The great ballyhoo concerning a fiscal cliff now centers on an odd thing that emerged out of the last set of negotiations on government borrowing. Republicans did not want to raise the debt limit; Democrats did. At issue was whether spending cuts would accompany the increase in borrowing. So, like children making a pinkie swear, the two parties came up with a plan. They would borrow more money, but if no progress was made toward reducing the debt load, “draconian” cuts would be made across the board.

When a politician says “draconian” with regard to budget cuts he/she usually means “more than five dollars.” And indeed, the cuts we face are scheduled to take place around the first of the year add up to considerably more than five dollars.

Let’s remember, though, that we are talking about the government here. In fact, the “cuts” are scheduled to take place over ten years and amount to a spit in the ocean compared to our growing indebtedness. The impending-doom movie trailers we see in the news are a horror for politicians more than us, at least with regard to cuts. It means they will have to bribe voters with a little less money than usual. Let’s all send them a sympathy card.

Fiscal cliff

Taxes are a different matter. The average increase in taxes for Americans will be $3500 if nothing is done. Having not yet reached 1% status, I am not the target of a self-righteous President intent on soaking the rich, so I will probably get hit with a bit less than some. A friend of mine who also remains firmly in the lowly and humble 99% club looked up his possible tax liability and found a $15,000 increase. I do so hope that the table he consulted was wrong.

The insane obsession on the part of Democrats to soak the rich is revolting and will be our undoing. Obama has no intention whatsoever of allowing America to grow economically. He has no understanding at all of how the private sector works and is hell-bent on punishing successful people for the crime of…being successful. Obama will one day, perhaps soon, stand tall amid the ashes of a failed country and boast of his devotion to “seniors and the poor.” The man is a contemptible icon of all that has gone wrong with us as a nation.

If my disgust for Barack Obama grows with each passing news day, so does my contempt for Congressional Democrats. No less for the people who keep them in office. Whatever pathetic satisfaction is gained from taxing the “rich” now will seem infantile and foolish when those same people come to soak the middle class.

Oh, yes, they’re coming for you too. They will arrive with a smile, telling you that now you are the ones with too much money and reminding you of how they took care of you way back when, how they protected you and punished those nasty rich people. They will ask you how you could object to doing your part. After all, you didn’t mind when it was the other guy.

Not content with taking your money, they will choke off every ounce of individual character you have left. That is the ultimate intent of this administration and its lackeys–to squelch any claim by an individual to that which he has created. Democrats have always won elections by promising free stuff to everyone who can crawl to a voting booth. Now they have become worse; they defy their followers to excel. To a Democrat, they didn’t build that before they have even started building that.

Strip a person of his/her pride of accomplishment and you take his soul. Tell her enough times that all her problems are someone else’s fault and she will turn into a parasite. Help a man who obstinately refuses to help himself and he becomes your victim. Bad enough that politicians pander to the worst that already resides in humanity. Must they poison them more by actively encouraging the worst?

Don’t look for Republicans to offer a principled stand against Democrats, either. Boehner appears to be capitulating by the hour. Those who do object don’t know how to explain why Democrats are rapidly wrecking the country. They cringe at the thought of being associated with the too-successful and so fail to defend the most persecuted group of people in the United States–honest, productive businesspeople.

When you see a significant number of citizens stand up together and say, “No more,” you will know that there is a chance to save our futures and our children’s futures by slaying the Leviathan. If instead you see a steady deadening of the public nerve by leaving it to Democrats and their spineless counterparts in Congress, take up yoga. You’re going to need that flexibility when it’s time to kiss your *** goodbye.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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3 Responses to Fiscal Cliff? Let’s Jump!

  1. David says:

    If you want to know what the future of America is, take a look at what’s happening in Detroit, a city run by Democrats since we can’t remember when. In fact, you you rank cities in terms of poverty, you will find that 90 % were admitted to the list while Democrats were in charge. Unless something changes, America will soon be known as the Land of Misery.


  2. Dick Richards says:

    I have concluded the smart ones among us (we Libertarians) need to find a better way to spread the gospel. The liberals own the dumb-stream media and the entire education establishment, so they get the youngsters hooked on the liberal brand before their brain stems have even matured. Then we’re up against unhooking them from that brand before we can show them the correctness of the libertarian brand.

    That’s a losing battle.


  3. Madboy says:

    Have you considered that the problem runs deeper than the Democratic Party?

    Leaving aside the arrogance, have you considered that the liberal media is… a myth!? I admit to having no idea the ideology of the “education establishment,” however you define that, but the “liberal” media is quite easy.

    Time to stop this parading about pretending to uphold liberty and freedom under the guise of something that’s at least as much a response against freedom as it is an impetus on its behalf.


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