Thanks to all of my readers for a wonderful year. As I end my fourth year of writing Common Sense Liberty, I am struck by several things that have happened, are likely to happen, or should have happened in the last year. One by one…

  • The world has not improved markedly in the last 12 months. This can only mean that not enough people are reading CSL, especially world leaders. Please help in that regard by recommending this blog to everyone you know, with special focus on people wielding global influence.
  • Progressives (liberals, whatever) have moved from annoying to menacing. Liberals no longer pretend to have any regard for the idea of limited government enshrined in the Constitution. Their appetite for unbridled government intervention has dislodged whatever sense they once may have had. Keep an eye on them in 2013–something very bad is about to happen.
  • Economists who hold the power to screw things up are doing just that. Ben Bernanke appears to believe that he can “fix” the economy. No one can “fix” or “control” the economy, but they can sure as hell foul it up trying. Believing government is at the helm is exactly as stupid as believing the Rothschilds control everything, as one of my more astute readers noted recently.
  • Political discourse has become more heated. Good. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. The idea that legislators, judges, presidents, and governors should just get together, make nice, and fix everything is a special kind of dumb. American government is a government of checks and balances. Unfortunately, the vermin who occupy these high offices have figured out how to spend us into oblivion while simultaneously arguing like spoiled children over other nonsense. The fiscal “cliff,” at least the spending cuts part, may show us that good things happen while both parties are busy with tabloid-worthy tantrums.
  • Barack Obama. Sorry, I just can’t do it.
  • Individual liberty appears to have taken a beating this year. From Lisa Jackson at the EPA (goodbye, Lisa–please don’t write) to the UN whoring out on control of the Internet, the individual is being cornered. It is no coincidence that the tyrants who want to lord over the Internet and liberals who think people like Jackson need not check with the rest of us on much of anything sound a lot alike (see item #2 above). Watch for a growing contempt of individual rights this year as progressives grow less tolerant of those who would slow them down in their attempt to save us from…well, whatever bad things self-righteous idiots can dream up.
  • Which brings us to guns. I hate, repeat HATE the idea that anyone should feel the need to carry a pistol in public. In fact, I hate it almost as much as the idea that it should be illegal to do so. The people who are starting to say that they will not give up their guns extend well-beyond that nervous looking guy in Idaho who drinks his own urine. Regular, decent, and thoughtful folks are starting to ask whether we could actually come to the point that violent resistance is a viable option. And before you hand me the liberal claptrap that you “don’t want to take away guns,” don’t bother. You can’t wait to take them and you know it. Stop insulting us by lying through your teeth. And think twice before you get too cute with gun laws.
  • Two young women became heroes this year, one for teaching (shot by fundamentalist Muslims for being too “secular”) and the other (killed by rapists for nothing but the sadistic joy of it) for the attention they are bringing to the problem of violence against women. That either of these things could happen in this day and age is near-unbelievable. That each case provides us the opportunity to rectify grave problems in our respective societies is divine.

The world did not end this year, but it slid closer to the brink. Sorry to sound so morose, but my job is not to sugar-coat the horrible ideas and events we see unfolding day to day; it is to paint them as starkly and as vividly as I can so that thoughtful people will become even more thoughtful. Hopefully, more active as well.

Let us remember, though, what is at stake here. We are not helpless victims of a world gone bad. We are not quivering cowards in the face of sub-humans who shoot young girls or defenseless targets for a mentally ill maniac. We are not brush being swept along aimlessly down a river of sewage. We are each our own end. We make our own meaning. We each have the right to live out our brief time here as we see fit, respecting those same rights in others.

The world would be a much more peaceful place if we all just gave up, if we all just bowed down before the gods of the religious fanatics and allowed government to load up our packs until our knees buckle. We could live out our lives in obscurity and irrelevance as the know-it-alls fix the world up like it “ought” to be.

Or, we can be human.

Rights are not granted; they are asserted. As we lurch forward into this new year, may we all be willing to exhaust every peaceful opportunity to retain our rights and our dignity while also letting it be known that we are nearing the limit of what we will allow others to do to us. We are not sub-units of some high-minded liberal’s collective and we are not going to let others run roughshod over us in the name of religion, politics, or bad science. We are going to live with self-respect, dignity, and liberty. Heaven help you if you try to take that away–you’ve been warned.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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4 Responses to 2012

  1. roscoeguys says:

    A very measured evaluation of the immeasurable harm that progressives are wreaking on our country. I share your concern. Thank you for the hope that by acting human we may yet turn the tide around. Most conservatives believe that the education mill is turning out Obama/progressive voters. Not sure what brilliant stroke of simplicity might temper that outcome. “Government Gone Wild” website has some great videos outlining the problems. Bill Whittle’s videos, too, are terrifically convicting. Thank you, again, for your common sense take on things.


  2. web staff says:

    For once I can barely complain, pretty close to my views. Except: I refuse to be a victim, I’d carry a gun in a heartbeat. If you need practice, come on out-the country is a great place to stay prepared.


  3. Patrick Thurmond says:

    Reblogged this on Patriot Games.


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