Death by President

Barack Obama has now taken the Oath of Office for his second term. His speech left no doubt that he plans to destroy every last trace of individualism left in this country. Whether he succeeds will depend upon how dearly each of us holds liberty.

Before the progressives have a tizzy, let us summarize the President’s agenda: more government. And…give me a minute…oh yeah, some rhetorical misdirection to fool the unvigilant. Things like, “Progress does not compel us to settle the centuries-long debate about the role of government for all time,” he said, “but it does require us to act in our time.” And what might those actions entail? Bingo–more government. 

“Collective action,” the President chides us, is required. Not cooperation, not mutual agreement, not voluntary benevolence–collective action. We act “collectively” when we are forced to. We act cooperatively when we realize of our own accord that our fellow human beings are cut from the same cloth as us. To work together toward common goals by choice is uniquely human and infinitely beneficial. To share a yoke with another who has likewise been forced to toil for a “collective” is despotism, pure and simple. 

Obama’s strategy has been to demonize the opposition as gun-toting Troglodytes. For those of us with a highly cultivated sense of independence, such is paltry fluff. We do not need a President to tell us of our self-worth. Nor do we need weak-kneed Republicans cowering in the corner in fear of being labeled “selfish.” We need representatives who will say proudly, “Yes, I honor myself and I honor every individual as an end in himself.” We need spines, not soft cartilage in the backs of those who pretend to be the political opposition.


Resistance to Obama’s agenda is not a matter of compromise if by compromise we mean bowing to the underlying premise of progressivism. One does not say to a thief, “You should not take all that I have; but you do have a right to part of it. Here.” One does not bargain with a rapist by saying, “OK, but please call me in the morning.” We cannot win this fight while granting the anti-human premise of the President and his collectivist minions. To take is to take; to rape is to rape. To pretend otherwise is evil.

Neither Obama nor anyone who agrees with his plans for the next four years cares one whit about economic reality. The urge to make government bigger is so strong in the minds of the Anointed as to mute any still, small voice of reason within. The policies our President wishes to put in place will destroy the poor. They will destroy the economy. They will destroy the country and ultimately, us.

There is no collective solution to a collective threat. The answer to collectivism is individualism, held in the heart of every man and woman. You were not born to serve government as a master. You were born to live as a human being. You were not born with an obligation to slave for the whims of your fellows. You were born to live your life as you see fit, respecting that same right in others. 

The answer to collectivism is “No.” No, I will not bow down. No, I will not accept the false guilt you try to burden me with. No, I will not give up the right to protect myself from those who would take from me, including the government. No. Are you getting the message, Mr. President? I didn’t think so. You were too busy congratulating yourself on knowing what is best for me and mine.

The President tells us that we must do things–his things–together, that we must find a way–his way– to take care of the poor, that we must accept science–his science–on global warming. We of a different mind are unworthy of consideration. Fine. I have never craved the approval of any President, least of all this one. Those who do are part of the problem.

Barack Obama must be resisted at every turn. He must be challenged on every initiative. He must be questioned on his every utterance, not with lame talk of “compromise,” but with the upright and foursquare principle that sets us apart from serfs and sheep–our individual right to live free.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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4 Responses to Death by President

  1. web staff says:

    Dang Terry, you get it! I will not comply.


  2. Outstanding! Thank you, Professor.


  3. Thanks, Terry. I am amazed at how most people applauded Obama’s naked distain for freedom in his inaugural address. However, I think we are destined to be permanently on the wrong end of the stick. When more people are supported by the government than pay taxes, the producers of America are always going to get it in the neck. The takers out number the producers and they will continue to successfully vote themselves the fruit of my labor until nothing is left. All I can think to do is move to New Zealand.


  4. madboy says:

    For someone who made the distinction between words and action in this post, I expected more.

    Punchline: “However, based on President Obama’s announced positions on actual legislation, we find that he is closer to the ideological center than any president since LBJ.”


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