It Takes Two To Lie

Homer Simpson once explained to Marge, “It takes two to lie–one to lie and one to listen.” Apparently, this Administration is as dense and conniving as Homer.

Governments have every incentive to lie because their primary business is the extraction of power and wealth from those who create it. Some bludgeon their citizens into submission, such as Stalin. Some kill all the smart ones, such as the Khmer Rouge. And some tell their citizens that freedom’s price is spying on them ’round the clock.

Every reassurance from Obama that all is well sounds more and more like the falsely soothing voice of the movie psychotic who wants to grab the kitchen knife and do you in as soon as he gets a chance. The best he could do after a trio of scandals is say that if we can’t trust them (the government, presumably) “we have a problem.”

Chimp not listening

No, Mr. President, you have a problem. Let me see if I can explain it. We who love liberty wish nothing but peace and prosperity for ourselves and our neighbors. We harbor no ill-will toward those fellow humans who respect our freedom. We neither seek trouble nor turn away when it seeks us. We claim as our birthright the freedom to live, to create, and to trade as we see fit. We do not ask for liberty; we assert it. If you want it, you must take it from us.

We have waited patiently for the rest of the country to wake up. Now they are rubbing the sleep from their eyes. They see your lies and know your heart. The “progressives” who saw in you a savior now know you for your duplicity and your lack of honor. The poor and middle-class are coming to know that the promise of soaking the rich is really a decoy, a feint, a ruse. They know who the real target is–anyone who earns his keep–and they have figured out who pays the bills in the end–them.

Some citizens have taken to baaing like sheep when they should be roaring like lions. Some have elected the easy life over the honest life. Some have ignored politicians like you, hoping cynically that you would just go away. They are of little note. Your biggest worry should be the rest of us.

We will not need to take up arms to defeat you and your ilk. Our awakening will be your undoing. A person who asserts his/her liberty has already won. You may imprison the flesh, but the spirit has already flown. Lighting upon others, the same spirit that spawned a country of rebels will give birth to a new age of freedom.

Individualism is not just the character of this country, it is the foundation of the good life wherever human beings exist. No man or woman need answer to another for life–freedom is our birthright. No lie can take that away–unless we listen. If it takes two to lie, you are missing one, Mr. President. We are not listening.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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