You Owe Me

I never get ahead. Wanna know why? The system. Fat cats. Silver spoon types. You know what I’m talking about. I used to wonder if I was good enough. If I tried hard enough. Then I realized it’s not my fault. People don’t like me. Bad luck follows me like a shadow. I can’t be held responsible for not amounting to much. I got problems, I tell you, real problems.

It’s all this baggage. My parents argued and my father drank. My older brother shoved my face into a manure pile and my sister teased me. I went to a crappy school and I got bad teachers. My first love dumped me. I don’t trust anyone. And that wife of mine. Sheesh. Try dragging her around with you and see how far you make it. It’s a wonder I have a job at all. My boss is a bitch. I always get dumped on at work. God knows I do my best, but things happen. I can’t do everything. It’s not fair.

Some people have all the luck. They’re on the fast track, not that I want to be “successful.” None of that phony crap for me. I just want my fair share, my cut, my part of the action. Is that too much to ask? Is it wrong to want to get treated right? They owe me, and don’t try to tell me they don’t.

Damn positive attitude freaks. Think positive. Baloney. I’d be singing in the rain too if I had half the chance those guys had. I’d be rich, but not one of those greedy rich types. You know, the Gatsby wannabes. I’d be generous. I’d share the wealth, remember the little guy, give to charity.

People give this guy Obama such a hard time. I don’t follow politics much, but he understands. All he wants to do is spread the wealth around. Damn spoiled rotten rich bastards. Greedy, that’s what they are…greedy. Like a billion ain’t enough, know what I mean? Why not give some away. Sheesh, I work my ass off for that bitch at the office and barely keep up.

So don’t give me that BS about taking responsibility. That’s what all the lucky guys say. I need that healthcare. I need a guy in office who cares about people like me. Will help fix me. Wanna know who I think would be a good President? Hillary. Yeah, Hillary. She cares. She hates those fat cats who screw the rest of us over. She’d handle them. Got that right. Filthy scum.

So kiss my behind you rich creeps. You’re gonna get what’s coming to you. Next election, we’re going to clean your clocks. Make you live like we have to live. Make you pay what’s fair. Make you eat some dirt. Yeah, you bet we are. Welcome to the party.

Joe Voter

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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2 Responses to You Owe Me

  1. Joe, on the bright side, you are employed. That makes you an exception to the rule for someone with your condition. And I’m guessing by the description of your boss that you work for the Secretary of Health and Human Services.


  2. rmcbeath66 says:

    Terry, I started out laughing at the article. I found it very humorous until it I saw it wasn’t funny at all. Great shock value.


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