What Does Barack Say?

Constitutional crises are generally more weighty than silly viral videos. Not so with Barack Obama’s baffling and puerile actions in the face of the Syrian “crisis.” One wonders how the man can do himself or the country any more damage.

When Obama speaks, it is with the certitude of a spoiled young prince–one who has never seen battle or held a job. He talks incessantly, never bothering to ask whether he is connecting with anyone, only reaffirming what he already believes–that his word is sacred. Those who doubt so are racist, stupid, or both.

It is not unusual for a politician to talk too much. Hour upon hour of the politician’s day is spent communicating, sometimes to persuade someone to do something but more often just to be seen and heard. Quality content is optional. For the most part, this kind of bloviating is annoying but harmless. In the case of a President of the United States, it carries the potential for a disaster.

A quiet fool may make it through life without being recognized. A loud one is always found out. Our President has been found out, and even a thug like Putin garners more respect and admiration than the alleged leader of the free world. How bad does it have to get for that to happen?

Barack Superman

I can’t help but try to grasp how a mind like Obama’s works. It is a futile exercise, I suppose, but I’d kind of like to know how my President thinks–what values he holds, how he makes major decisions, how he views his role in the world. The progressive in him was clear from the start. He loves big government and hates business. Every problem can be fixed by the public sector and everyone who thinks not is unworthy of consideration.

What I did not grasp until recently was our President’s deep-seated pathology. Inside Obama’s head is a looping video entitled, “What Does Barack Say?” For him, each word uttered is a transformation of reality to whatever form he proclaims. Unfortunately for him (and for us) the rest of the world does not quite see it that way.

Obama blabbered about “red lines” and chemical weapons like a schoolchild who draws a line in the playground dirt but who doesn’t know what to do when a challenger steps across. With John Kerry at his side, he then makes every mistake possible in dealing with Syria’s transgression, first threatening, then backing down, then asking Congress, then…well, you get the picture. And now here we are, seriously considering letting Russia disassemble Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons. The man is out of his depth, out of his league, and quite possibly out of his mind.

John F. Kennedy once said that domestic policy can defeat us but foreign policy can kill us. Having done his level best to defeat us here, Obama has now been placed by history in the perfect position to kill us there. Do we really want a man who can screw up this bad over a civil war halfway around the globe to be in command of our nuclear arsenal? Do we trust a man whose opinion of himself smothers any ability to learn the harsh realities of international negotiation? Can a man-child like Barack Obama even be taken seriously?

I think not.

Fortunately, even the most servile of the Chosen One’s supporters are now looking around and hoping they are not recognized in public. Significant numbers of Democrats in Congress have openly expressed their skepticism of military intervention in Syria. His best friends in Congress are Old Guard Republicans who should have been put out to pasture years ago. The President not only looks stupid and childish, he is starting to look lonely.

Which brings us to the real problem. I am deeply skeptical of our intervention in conflicts like the current one in Syria. The might of the US military should be used only in cases where our soil or legitimate strategic interests are threatened directly and where we have a clear plan for victory–total and swift. The rest of the world should know that–all the time. One need not threaten here and bomb there to be recognized as the world’s strongest power. The mightiest and noblest rarely have to fight, but when they do their opponents must tremble. Ours now snicker at the man who calls himself President.


About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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2 Responses to What Does Barack Say?

  1. Dick Richards says:

    All good points, as is your custom.
    I discussed the Obamanator with my brother the other day. He and I both believe the man is largely an idiot, which gets demonstrated on a regular basis. We suspect his college transcripts would prove that point, which is exactly why they have never been released.
    On his decision-making abilities (threadbare to say the least), I believe decisions come a lot easier when one has a solid foundation of guiding principles on which to rely. I don’t believe Mr. Dithering ThreadBarry has any such guiding principles, which leaves him no where to go when he faces a tough decision.


  2. Barry Kort says:

    “Obama blabbered about “red lines” and chemical weapons like a schoolchild who draws a line in the playground dirt but who doesn’t know what to do when a challenger steps across.”

    This issue is actually quite a notorious stumble that has plagued humankind since the dawn of civilization. It ties into a subtle error (technically a math error) that roughly corresponds to what Augustine characterized as “Original Sin.” I prefer to reckon it as humankind’s oldest logic error.

    The best modern analytical model I know of that examines this error is Rene Girard’s model of Contagion.



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