Who Shut Down the Government?

Terry missed his blog last week due to a family medical emergency. He is sorry that in so doing, he allowed the government to shut down. Terry promises to make everything right by issuing a really strong opinion today.


Quick! Find the progressive nearest you and administer CPR. The government has shut down. Wait…hang on…everything’s OK? Belay that order. Stand down. We may just make it.

I find it amusing, in a sick kind of way, for Democrats to be melting down over the shutdown. It was they, after all, who rejected the last attempt by Republicans to reach a deal. In it were some provisions they could not live with: delaying the individual mandate for a year and killing healthcare subsidies for legislators and their staffs. As for the individual mandate, it makes perfect sense even in a Democrat’s logic, given that the employer mandate has already been delayed and the rollout is more like a logjam. Refusing to kill the self-serving subsidies is so cynical as to defy comprehension.

What Democrats seem to be unable to fathom is that a significant number of citizens actually do think less government is better. Enough, in fact, for them to have sent legislators to make sure that happens. It’s what we do in America, for those of you who have forgotten. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are aghast that many Republicans are no longer just pretending to be the party of limited government. Sputtering incoherent phrases about anarchy and the Tea Party, the both of them look like children hearing a firm parental “no” for the first time.


Not that Republicans are a vision of integrity and principle. The real issue here is not Obamacare so much as the whole corrupt philosophy of governance that Democrats are so infected with. They have ceased to be a political party that can be taken seriously. No set of facts seems to penetrate their shell of assurance that no matter what the problem, government is the answer. Yet Republicans continue to wallow about in the mud with them over trivialities instead of attacking them on their absurd principles.

Republicans are also, shall we say, inelegant when it comes to political maneuvering. They risked becoming as popular as a fart at a garden party by going after the whole Obamacare law when they knew perfectly well that they could not kill it as a whole. They would have been better off focusing on ways to let Obamacare and the Democrats sink themselves from the start. Their last-minute resort to asking only for the most embarrassing concessions from Democrats was late–maybe too late.

Obamacare should never have been passed, and a growing number of Americans realize it. It will not work because it cannot work. No amount of cross-chamber politics will ever convince Democrats that they have screwed the pooch on this one, but a voter revolt just might.

And what could cause a voter revolt? Think DMV. The closest I have ever come to homicide occurred during my fifth visit to a DMV office with the fourth set of papers I was asked to bring, none of which seemed to satisfy the attending clerk. Let a few hundred thousand people hear Obama assure them for the umpteenth time that all those “glitches” are, well, just glitches. Top it off with premiums that go up, benefits that go down, and a visit from the IRS for non-compliance and you have the makings of a revolution.

Sadly, this is what will be required for Americans to wake up to the sobering reality of progressive politics. Obamacare is only the latest infection from a host of maladies spawned by lovers of big, intrusive, and pushy government. Since we can’t defeat Obamacare, it will have to defeat itself. If the Republicans are smart, they will now let the train wreck happen and get busy with a plan for the aftermath–one that gets government out of the business of health care once and for all.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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