Deceive and Destroy: Obamacare Unmasked

Color me shocked–again. Turns out that Obama knew millions would not be able to keep their health insurance. I was still recovering from the trauma of having to admit that the government might not be very good at such an undertaking. But to learn that someone actually lied about it? That’s just too much.

It is getting harder and harder to credit Democrats with any sort of good intentions regarding this fiasco. At one time, kindly souls might have labeled them misguided but well-meaning. Now, they are looking like vandals–those who destroy for the sake of destroying.

Critics of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have known since its inception that it could not work. It is continually passed off as a way to manage insurance, but in fact it violates nearly every principle required of good insurance practice. Insurance works if and only if a company earns a profit for the service of spreading risk out among participants. Government regulations requiring things like covering those with pre-existing conditions necessarily raise the cost of providing insurance. Couple those with premium limits and it becomes possible for an insurance company to make money. In other words, to survive.

To give people what they want but cannot have under conditions of economic reality, the government must either subsidize premiums by taking money from taxpayers and giving it to those it deems needy or it must rig the game. Both are despicable, but the latter is especially troublesome.

Harking back to the passage of the ACA, we recall that it faced fierce opposition from Republicans, who cast not a single vote in its favor. Let us also recall that the Justice Department, later chastised for prosecutorial misconduct, had waylaid Republican Senator Ted Stevens’ re-election campaign with a corruption conviction that was later overturned. That vote, cast instead by a Democrat, was the last one needed for a filibuster-proof majority.

Four years later we find ourselves in the middle of a technical meltdown, most of which was hidden from the public for as long as possible. Language inserted into the ACA concerning private plans (you remember–those you were supposed to be able to keep) has caused boatloads* of the insured to be dropped. Those strapping young men and women who neither need nor want insurance at the level needed to make Obamacare work are not enrolling in numbers sufficient to subsidize those who do need it. And last, doctors are beginning to wonder if going off-grid (refusing to take insurance) makes sense. You’d almost think Obama and the Democrats want to destroy health care.

Yes, want to destroy health care.

Trust me

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I have been wrong, horribly wrong, about something. I thought for a long time that Democrats wanted to make Obamacare a stepping stone to a single-payer system because they thought it would work better. Some, like Harry Reid, even say that outright. Their plan, it seemed to me, was to exert more government control over the system and make it painful enough that people started clamoring for a more effective “solution.” Enter single-payer. I no longer believe that.

Such a plan would have the virtue of a goal. A misplaced one, to be sure, but a goal nonetheless. Democrats don’t have a goal with all this, I have decided. They are slobbering, red-eyed predators, set to destroy individual choice for the sake of destroying individual choice.

In one of the Terminator sequels, a young John Connor deflects the Terminator’s hand as he pulls the trigger on a pistol he has aimed at someone’s head. Connor shouts, “You were going to kill that guy! Why?” Schwarzenegger’s character answers, “I am a Terminator.” Like single-purpose cyborgs, Democrats are destructive monomaniacs. Now they have revealed their true nature.

The entire progressive/liberal agenda has come to this–a savage wrecking of all that is virtuous in a land of capable individuals trading freely. They did not know and did not care to find out whether Obamacare would “work.” They did not want to address that issue because it was irrelevant. They wanted Obamacare because it would remove one more element of private choice.

The difference between a regular murderer and a psychopath is purpose. The murderer may kill to release his/her rage or to take possession of something his victim has. The psychopath kills for the sake of killing. Normal people have trouble imagining the thought processes of a psychopath. They are beginning to have the same trouble with progressives, liberals, and the entire Democratic Party.

No fact is clear enough and no argument sound enough to dissuade these people from eliminating every vestige of individual economic freedom left in this country. As Obamacare crumbles around everyone’s feet, what will their response be? You can bet it won’t be a rethinking of their collectivist premise–that more government is better government.

It is one thing to promote bad policy. It is another to wish to destroy for the sake of destroying. Obama lied, knowing perfectly well that the ACA would destroy private health insurance. Democrats who still stand behind him are culpable in a relentless campaign of deceit and destruction. Where is the outrage? Have we slithered so far toward complacency that a President can lie, deny knowledge of critical activities in his administration, and skirt the Constitution with no fear of reprisal? When Richard Nixon crossed the line, Republicans eventually came around to realize that he had to go. Will Democrats do the same with Obama?

Untrustworthy politicians are not new, but Barack Obama and his minions have reached a threshold beyond which they must not go if we are to retain any semblance of liberty in this country. The President is no longer an advocate of plausible public policy. He is a threat to the very notion of democratic governance. May Democrats see Caesar for what he is and do something about him.**


*Estimates range from the hundreds of thousands into the millions.

**Dear NSA Watchdogs: Minus the murder part.

About Terry Noel

I am an Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University. My specialty is entrepreneurship.
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